2021 Haas F1 Team VF-21 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 [4K]

2021 Haas F1 Team VF-21 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 [4K] 1.0

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This skinpack recreates the 2021 Haas F1 Team VF-21 livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 mod for Assetto Corsa as seen at the preseason test and the first race. Check the Updates tab for screenshots of the v1.0 end of season update.


The pack features highly detailed car and logos textures, Pirelli tire textures, driver & crew textures.


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how to install:

You can choose the quality between "4K_car_textures" and "4K_HD_car_textures". (4K HD textures are uncompressed 4K)

Simply copy the 'content' folder from the folder above with your desired quality

to: Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\

Delete/overwrite all possible old files.


To get all tire colors, you could download my Pirelli tirepack and use the tire textures for the Formula Hybrid car:

This skinpack is compatible with Assetto Corsa v1.16.4 and requires the Formula Hybrid 2020 v3.0 by Race Sim Studio.
You need the latest 7zip to extract the archive file.

v 1.0:
end of season update:
- added Home Deluxe and Cyrus logos, small skin tweaks, new pitlane equipment textures
- added driver gloves textures made by BlackToof (F1 2021 Gloves pack 1.4)
- added driver suit and crew suit textures made by enkay74 (F1 2021 driver and pit crews for all teams 1.0)
- added Mazepin helmet texture made by Mahad (Nikita Mazepin's helmet 1.0)
- added Mick Schumacher helmt texture made by Ces7MSC (Mick Schumacher Helmet 2019 FDA 1.0)

v 0.95:

- major rework of the all design elements and logo placement
- added ionos logos
- added Sabelt belts + logos
- added optional compressed 4K skin textures
v 0.9:
- initial release

Thanks to @BlackToof , @enkay74 , @Mahad and @Ces7MSC for thier driver and crew textures!
Big thanks to Race Sim Studio for the stunning Formula Hybrid 2020 mod!!!
Thanks to Kunos Simulazioni for Assetto Corsa!
All rights belong to their respective owners.
Only for personal and non commercial use.
Do not use any oy my content from this package for your own work without my permission.
You can contact me anytime on RaceDepartment.com, if you have any wishes.
No files may be uploaded to other file hosts.

Latest updates

  1. end of season update

    - added Home Deluxe and Cyrus logos, small skin tweaks, new pitlane equipment textures - added...
  2. preseason test & first race update

    - major rework of the all design elements and logo placement - added ionos logos - added Sabelt...

Latest reviews

Amazing work, thanks you so much!
Thx! Enjoy it!
Have fun with it!
Even tho the livery is a scandal, you did a good job recreating it :D
;-) Thank you. In the end it is just colors on a 3D shape. The deeper meaning differ from person to person.
Fantastic job, thank you!
Enjoy it!
i loved your skin mate, where you get this showroom?
Thank you!
It's the Retrolux Studio Showroom v1.1.0 for the Content Manager:

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