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2018 F1 Overlay 3.1

ACTV Theme & Overlay

  1. 1080p & more flags

    What's New
    - 1080p version
    - 20+ national flags
    - misc changes to acinfo.py

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  2. I keep forgetting files

    - Added fonts
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  3. Small change

    - added missing ini files
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  4. Working position indicator

    What's new
    - returned position box
    - added working position indicator
    - general overhaul of lower graphic
    - driver photos for each team (with generic helmet)
    - team logos
    - nation flags
    - added F1TV broadcast logo

    - rescale for 1080p
    - remove track name that appears at beginning of race
    - remove checkered flag graphic
    - add more nation flags
    - general fixes for online
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  5. ACTV Theme & Overlay

    -smaller tower header to match the real F1 broadcast
    -changed to default three letter names (like in real life) to make tower slimmer
    -removed position box (there's no way to change the position so it's gone)
    -re-added 1440p version
    -re-added missing fonts

    Known issues
    -timer is offset in practice and qualifying
    -chequered flag overhangs at finish (ACTV limitation)
    -overlay sits on top of other apps so disable the overlay when moving things around...
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  6. ACTV Fix to look more like broadcasts

    -added f1 font to tower
    -new tower style to closer match f1 broadcasts

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  7. 2018 F1 Overlay

    -smaller tower header for 1080p (in ACTV, set row height to 20)
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  8. 2018 F1 Overlay

    -added 1080p version
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  9. 2018 F1 Overlay


    -added README with install instructions
    -adjusted tower colors
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