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2015 Crutchlow CWM LCR Honda 1.0

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This is my take on what 2015s LCR Honda will look like with Cal Crutchlow on board!

Unfortunately these skins will only work in dry conditions as I haven't had the time or skills to do the rain overlays.

I've put two versions in the download file:
1. Crutchlow version: Replaces Bradl with Crutchlow and adds new CWM bike livery.
2. Blank version: CWM bike livery only

To Install:
1. Extract 'MOTOGP2014.MIX' using 'Mixfile ReMixer' (download here)
2. Copy and replace the downloaded files into extracted MOTOGP2014 folder.
3. Create new mixfile using 'Mixfile ReMixer' using the extracted MOTOGP2014 folder (Remember to select SBK-X/V8 for the format).
4. Replace the original 'MOTOGP2014.MIX' with the one you just created (Remember to backup the original). Done!

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