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Update 2.0 MotoGP 2015 Riders & Teams Complete Mod 2.0

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Update 2.0 out now! See here.

For update 1.1 see here.

This mod replaces the 2014 riders and teams with the 2015 lineup.

The menus, preview pics and all textures have been modified to be true to the current 2015 entry list. Since there are two extra grid slots next season there are two riders missing, Aprilia 2nd rider and possibly Ioda. The following has been changed:

1. Bautista > Redding (Marc VDS)

2. Redding > Miller (LCR)

3. Bradl > Crutchlow

4. Crutchlow > Iannone

5. Iannone > Petrucci

6. A. Espargaro > Bradl

7. Edwards > Baz

8. Aoyama >E. Laverty

9. Petrucci > Bautista (Aprilia Factory)

10. M. Laverty > A. Espargaro (Suzuki Factory)

11. Parkes > Vinales (Suzuki Factory)

This mod works for all single player modes including career and works in wet weather as well!

Installation instructions:
1. Use mixfile remixer (see here) to extract the following files, they are found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MotoGP2014 if using Steam, if not it will look something like this C:\Program Files\Milestone\MotoGP2014


b. GFXPAK.MIX (see here to avoid errors)​


d. MOTOGP2014.MIX​

2. Download the 2015 mod files and extract them.

3. Copy and paste the downloaded files into the extracted .MIX folders. E.g. copy and paste all folders from MOTOGP2014 into the extracted MOTOGP2014.MIX files. Click copy and replace when prompted.

4. IMPORTANT: In the MENU folder there is a single file containing the rider name and team changes. It must be put into the correct folder for the language you have the game set to. E.g. In my case I live in the UK so I place my db.zts file into MENU\TEXT\UKENGLISH. If you set the game to Spanish though you would need to put the file in MENU\TEXT\SPANISH

5. Repack the extracted folders back into MIX files (make sure to set the format to SBK-X/V8) and save them back into ….\common\MotoGP2014 (make sure to back up your MIX files before replacing them).

Pictures below. For more pictures please take a look at my imgur album here.





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Latest reviews

I give this a five star rating but I please need anyone of you to explain me WHERE to extract the files found at steam/steamapps/common/
and where to put the downloaded ones when I download them.
great mods bros.
best work out there. he put in a lot of hours and the result, as usual, is seriously worth a paypal donation, people!!
Simply awesome
great job !!
Awesome mod but the cockpits color is not quite right, But very good Mod (Y)
very nice
This mod doesn't work for me but very good job !!!!!!
Absolutely astonishing work. Hat's off to you.
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