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2013 Hungarian GP - Hungaroring Track Update 1.2

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Final version. Pirelli boards kept in Sector 3, so there's no UBS ones (tyre-makers are more relevant to motorsports - and F1 in this case - than bankers, IMHO). :laugh:

- Replaces Rolex podium with final LG podium
- Replaces ENI terrain with UBS terrain
- Replaces ENI brake with UBS

1. Back up your files b4 applying the final version update.
2. Unzip and copy the tracks folder to your setup's f1 2012 folder.

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- Added Rolex Podium (again, thanks to @Barnes for his permission to use his work. All credits belong to him.)

Note: The Rolex podium is subject to change following Sunday's race, in case it will be made with another sponsor's logo, which is unknown by now).

(Sorry for the missing podium in previous version: noobie to this here.):redface:

- Back up your files before applying this update.
- Unzip and copy the tracks folder to your installation's f1 2012 folder this time.
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