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2010 VLN BMW GT2 #742 1.01

Exact replica of the #742 car raced in the VLN

  1. Bernd Graf

    Raced before the Nurburgring 24-rennen giving team BMW valuable test time, the #742 has been painstakingly replicated for AC! Featuring the 2010 base skin for many of my liveries, but with VLN special things like replica H&R plates, ATS fender badges, Premio numberplates, and custom window banners. The color of the exhaust ports has been matched, as well as the correct driver names. The drivers changed for each car many times, I simply chose one of the lot and replicated it :) The headlights are from the first version of the car, not the later yellow lights deeper into the season. Now you can race at Kunos' soon-to-be-released Nurburgring DLC like Jorg Muller!


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