2010 SPA 24 #79 BMW GT2

2010 SPA 24 #79 BMW GT2 1.0

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Proud to offer my latest creations in a series commemorating BMW's rich racing heritage. The first offerings were the famous Shift and Efficient Dynamics cars...now the legacy continues in AC with two more from the 24H SPA Francorchamps race which placed in a tragic 3rd from 1st after an unfortunate accident a few moments before the finish.

-4K resolution skins for high detail and clarity...because we all like our centerfolds big :D
-replica multi-piece numberplates featuring:
-accurate fonts, flags, official FIA logo, coloring, and glue residue for the stickers
-scratch made M badge from photos and matched colors
-period tyres with 3D raised texture and logos
-color matched exhaust pipes and dirt plates
-my first project to feature specially curved logos to help cope with 2D template scaling issues :D
-logos with official colors and style from the 2010 BMW season
-replica windshield banners
-multi-piece replica headlights featuring
-accurate lens color, bulbs, and orange turn signal marks
-replicated #79 red a-pillars with mis-matched lines like the real car

The project would not have been possible without help from numerous members! Thanks to Bailey for the help on figuring out logo curvature and how to do it in GIMP, to Vampire, Chrisi74, and LeSunZu for the M badge resources, and custom PP effects from RBSilEighty to help in properly color matching the logos.

Latest reviews

Top job mate
With raised tire logos, curved logos (to highlight 3D bodywork I assume), glue residue, and specific headlights, you are a replica master!

I hope this is but the first of many to come, and if you're looking for rarer liveries, I have a pretty vast archive.

Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you, would love to discuss any further projects.
Nice skin it looks great. You did a real good job on this paint. Thank You....................=)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you! More to come...:)

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Bernd Graf
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