2007 Ferrai driver's suit, cap, shoes, gloves, umbrella and harness 2017-11-11

Classic Ferrari 2007 driver's suit

  1. Moustagua
    This time i made the driver's suit, cap, gloves and shoes for the 2007 Ferrari. I also made the umbrella and the harness of the car.

    Use EEA 6.1 to replace all the files in the incardriver.erp located in the folder: ..\f1 2017\asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\incardriver\1980\

    For your information, the files to replace for the 2007 Ferrari are the fourth ones from the EEA list named career_ferrari-xxx

    some pics:
    20171111011748_1.jpg 20171111011148_2.jpg F1_2017_photo_20171111_012820.jpg

    If you want to support my work, please make a donation. Click here: [​IMG]
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Recent Reviews

  1. paulof12015
    Version: 2017-11-11
    I support the previous comment of AOWZONE, to give the two options, since not all of us have clear how to use the ERP tool, a final file would be good with all the content that you made.
  2. aowzone
    Version: 2017-11-11
    These are excellent work, however would you consider doing a drag and drop version including ALL of your team gear edits for all of the classic teams?

    The time to manually install these gets to be a bit tedious, and I imagine a "pack" once you have edited all of the classic teams would be incredibly popular.

    Many other modders give the option of a drag and drop version (erp and .mipmaps) or manual install and I think this increases their ratings.

    Either way, great work and thank you for making the game more realistic!
  3. jburon72
    Version: 2017-11-11
    Excellent work!!
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