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1960s Helmet pack

1960s Helmet pack 2015-09-19

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I was surprised that there was't already something like this, so I made my own to coordinate with all of the cobra skins I've downloaded. Included are 35 helmet design/color variations with driver suits and gloves organized by color. I didn't make the suits/gloves, they are just default kunos, but I included them with this because having them all in one place makes it easier to color coordinate your drivers.

If packs like this are useful to you guys I can easily make more for the 80's and 2000s. Ideas and feedback are welcome.


Latest reviews

nice but no helmet?
YES.Very useful and nice work.thks
Thanks. Feel free to distribute them in your future mods if you feel like it .
Cracking idea,great job,thank you.
great idea and awesome work