HD Windshield Damage

HD Windshield Damage 1.2

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Here is my custom made damaged glass texture that will replace the damaged state on all cars. I feel that this is much more believable than the default. It's also effected much more by light and shadow than the original, giving it a more true to life look while driving.

I've been using this for a while and wanted to share it with you all. Let me know if you run into any problems. File size is the same as the original, so there should be no problem with performance.

Just copy the file here > assettocorsa > content > textures


Latest updates

  1. Normalmapped

    I updated my original texture with a normalmapped version. Although this doesn't seem to be as...
  2. Minor update

    Kunos overwrote the damaged glass with the newest update. Here is my updated version. Enjoy.

Latest reviews

Like the graphics effect over the original however i don't no if it's just me or anybody else had same issue but appears all cars with a digital dash don't work, all you get is it lighting up when you put lights on, but no actual numbers/figures, hope this would be an easy fix :) seems all old cars with non digital dashboard are fine.
The game changer !!
So simple, so brilliant :)
Simply amazing.
Neat! much cleaner than the original!
My broken windshield has never been so beautiful
a great improvement!
Excellent, I'm now going to drive my car into a wall with such glee, just to test this mod. (Virtual car, I may add for clarification)
A really nice mod. Looks so much better than the default Kunos one!
well done man
4 years of mod support. What a champ.... Thanks man.
My pleasure :) Thanks everyone.
Thanks.. been using this mod for a long time now.
This guy delivers.
Top job
Amazing stuff! keep up the great work!
very nice improvement
A must have windshield texture alternative. Thnx
Perfect, well done!