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I have a lot of ideas for cars to model. Way more than I have time for. And the thing is, once I've built them I don't even drive them all. There are just too many. So what I thought I'd do is build some cars to an intentional standard, and from the ground up, plan that they'll only be driven by the AI.

Thus what we've got here - three cars from the same decade, similar themes, with "LR" style interiors that looks just fine when an AI is piloting it. This let me have an average of 10 days per car, start to finish. A lot more like things were back in 2005 when I started 3d modeling. (some of my more detailed cars took more than a year.)

Open the 7zip file, drag and drop the content folder to assettocorsa/content/. Uses the same custom driver wearing a hat instead of a helmet as my other mods; if you already have him you can go directly to the cars folder and just add the 3 cars.


Variety in vehicles along several spectrums is still possible, even picking from 1950s American options. These are made by the big 3 car manufacturers (were then, still are):

General Motors - the 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, 2 door coupe. One of the more iconic cars of the '50s, favoured by racers because, by the standards of the day, it's small and has a powerful V8 engine. Chevrolet is GM's entry-level brand, but the Bel Air package adds plenty of chrome and power-everything.

Ford - the 1957 Mercury Commuter, 4 door wagon. It's long, it seats 9 (with 3 facing backwards in the cargo area), it has unique to Mercury styling where in earlier years it was just an upscale Ford. 1957 was the year quad headlights became legal in America, so they were kludged onto this car halfway through the year, and it shows.

Chrysler - the 1959 Dodge Coronet, 4 door sedan. At the time Dodge was the second level of Chrysler's badge engineering, above Plymouth. Unlike the Fury, it's not prone to kill your neighbours on purpose, but with the sheer length of spikes on the rear fins, they'd better stay away just to be safe.

Altogether it shows what companies were up to in the '50s, American car production was booming and new chassis were being created every other year as the styling advanced quickly.

Physics-wise this has the basics sketched in, but there's limited data about the Bel Air and essentially nothing on the other two so you can't expect that much fidelity. They work okay on tracks where the AI is set up for cruising, which is all I demanded of them.


Stereo - model, textures, physics
Kunos - soundbank from 427 Cobra. Not ideal but I wasn't gonna hire someone to do these.

Latest reviews

Raymond Racing
Honestly I don't mind the blank interior all that much; if anything it reminds me of when I played with the Standard cars in GT5 & 6. So long as the exterior looks right it's fine by me, and they behave how I'd expect even if the physics are mostly guesswork.
With their gorgeous shapes and stunning paint schemes, these three beauties stand out on the road!

After using them as good AI compagny into my 50's car grid, I couldn't resist to drive them, though I know it's not their first purpose, as they stay with a no-interior finish. Their generic physique is nice, smooth and easy when I drive!

Of course, I can't help but dream that one day, Stereo would change his mind , and decide to complete them, but anyway, I feel already happy with this great addition!
I love your mods Stereo! It was interesting to follow your progress in mod-talk as usual. Thank you so much!
I loved the idea, I wasn't sure the execution would work; I thought these would be made to look good as incoming traffic but actually they still look excellent moving together in a pack - I had a quick tear through a field of these whilst driving your Corvette and they hold up well to the eye.

So thanks very much, both for yet more nostalgia trips (and, if you ever considered turning the idea to racing cars and making a few rivals for one of Kunos' vintage cars, I'd be well in support of that!) and also for the innovative approach to making our games better.
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