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What movie did you watch and what did you think of it?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mike Sterckx, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. The point of this thread is to post a movie or docu you just watched and what you thought of it. Give it a rating if you like, the year it was produced and a link to imdb. But no spoilers preferably.

    I'll start...

    There will be blood (2007)

    Brilliant acting of the main character Daniel Day-Lewis 10/10 for his performance. The story line was good but i didn't really like how it jumped in time several times. But overall a very good movie.
  2. I went to the cinema for the first time in a few years now to see The Lone Ranger.
    Im kind of glad I did.
    I should note that I usually avoid the cinema these days as most movies don't seem worth the expense to watch on the big screen unless your into the whole 'special effects & nothing else' genre, which Im not.

    The Lone Ranger while, having special effects, wasn't overly done & the scenery & acting made it worth while.
    There was good humour throughout but wasn't exactly a light hearted romp with some scenes reflecting the terrible history of America's Indians.
    BTW, keep you eye out for Bill S. Preston (Alex Winter), it's the first I'd seen him since his time travelling days.
    I doubt most would recognize him.
    Although the hidden villain wasn't entirely hidden, the main villain was suitably detestable.
    The story jumped about slightly but didn't detract in any way & the very end was quite good.
    I'd hate to think that there would be a follow-on but I fear it could be enough of a success for the Disney tycoons to do so.
    Although I know they had to stick to a certain formula due to the history that the Lone Ranger brings with it, that, at the same time, didn't weighed it down by really.
    I'd recomend it so long as you don't go in hoping for something vastly different from what it could have been & are comfortable with that, or to put it another way, they did a sencible job of bringing back & honouring the franchise & it's history...
    I'd give it 7.5 out of 10.
    It would have been an 8.5 or even 9 if the audience had've shown more respect for others there, but that's just me & not the film to be honest...;)
  3. Oblivion (2013)

    Surprisingly good. I was afraid it was going to have completely over the top action scenes ala mission impossible. Thankfully that was not the case. Great scenery, great sound effects, good story. Overall a very good film. 8.5/10
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  4. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Red 2

    Saw the first one and enjoyed it so i had to go and see the sequel :D. Great cast on the first one, it got carried over to 2 with an addition of a few more good actor/actress. Good comedy action flick and John Malkovich is great! :thumbsup:

    Fast and Furious 6

    Seen them all but liked 5 & 6 the most. What can i say other than a cheesy series with somewhat entertaining car chase/race scenes and purdy gals :inlove: :D


    I was surprised with this movie as well, same opinion as Mike Sterckx.

    Pacific Rim

    I've always had a thing for them "Mechwarrior" type robots so enjoyed this movie. Good fx's, good fight scenes and few actors from Sons of Anarchy were in the movie and Rinko Kikuchi...:inlove:

    I might go see The Wolverine this weekend
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  5. You sure like cheezy movies, lol....
  6. I watched Fast & the Furious 6 for about 3,5 minutes before it got so cheesy i just turned it off instantly.
    Saw the first three i think, last one being the Tokyo one. Seen one, seen them all basically.
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  7. Just saw Oblivion, it was the latest movie you could....um....yea ;)

    Two nice plotwist´s but the movie is obviously not that well thought through imo.
    I could make a list of things that makes no sense but then i would spoil the movie.

    Good movie if you just want some action but it´s not something that should be speculated in too much as that will showcase some fallacy´s.

    For example his airplane and the coffin,


    It´s a third of the plane, there´s no way that thing is getting into that tiny little aircraft.

    I´ll give the movie a 5/10, watchable.
  8. Into the white (2012)

    Based on a real story. A German bomber crew and British fighter crew get shot down over Norway in the middle of the wilderness and have to share the same cabin.

    Really good movie in my opinion. Looked abit amateurish at the start as the movie started after the bomber already had crashed, but i soon realized that wasn't even important. The strength of this film lies in the relationship between the 2 crews and their struggle for survival and distrust towards one another. 8/10
  9. 12 O'clock high (1949)

    A hard-as-nails general takes over a bomber pilot unit suffering from low morale and whips them into fighting shape.

    Not a bad movie. Had hope for some more action to be honest. Only 1 actual bomber/fighter scene towards the end of the movie. 7/10
  10. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

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  11. i enjoyed Oblivion

    i watched 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Walhberg , great comedy/ action film

    Next up - Elysium on Thursday :)
  12. I hope Elysium is as good as District 9. Read some mixed reviews.
    I absolutely loved the main character in D9.
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  13. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    I also saw Pacific Rim. :)
  14. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    "Now You See Me"
    An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. Watchable. I had FUN while watching the movie.


    Michael Caine ( click on name for more info ) was locked in his dressing room for a whole night during the shooting of the movie. Caine fell asleep after shooting and couldn't hear when the director called the day a wrap. Everyone thought that Caine left and the set was closed. Caine woke up in the pitch dark and wasn't released until the morning until someone heard his cries for help.

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  15. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i've seen a couple of good movies lately based or inspired by true stories.


    The story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband, before taking control of her life.

    Rating: 8/10

    good movie nothing too heartbreaking but just enought to show you how it was for her and for you to want to know more which i did after watching the movie and read more about her.

    The Iceman

    The true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man. When finally arrested in 1986, neither his wife nor daughters have any clue about his real profession.

    Rating: 8/10

    good movie not much action in it but it shows how a hitman for the mob is.

    Pain and gain

    A trio of bodybuilders in Florida get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

    Rating: 8/10

    good movie this one shows you how stupid some criminal can be it gave me a few giggles :D

    The sessions

    A man in an iron lung who wishes to lose his virginity contacts a professional sex surrogate with the help of his therapist and priest.

    Rating: 8/10

    the acting is very well performed, the comedy side is well balanced with the drama side so it doesn,t make the movie rediculous.
  16. I recommend visiting youtube for an interview with Richard Kuklinski.
    Not much to say other then he had the perfect job for his personality.

    Iceman is an understatement really.
  17. I've been watching some unusual movies these past few days, at least for me. From Japan:

    Akira, which is... Weird. In a violent, almost disgusting kind of way, although I kinda liked it, not as much as the two others though, the main character annoyed me, was a bit of an idiot.

    Princess Mononoke, really liked this one. It's almost like a badass version of Pocahontas, except you actually care about the two main characters.

    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, this one was quite stange too, but in an eerie kind of way, in a post-apocalyptic world, liked it. Close in theme to Mononoke, but with it's own flavor. Heck, some parts reminded me of Game of Thrones somehow, LOL

    Next up, "Spirited Away".
  18. Mapu


    there's more but you might want to watch "Ghost in the Shell" 1 & 2, "Grave of the Fireflies" and "Jin Roh" too while you are at it and haven't seen them yet ^^

    "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"

    I'd say it is a small masterpiece in its own right.:thumbsup:

    I am not going to give away a single bit of the story, so I am just going to say that this movie revolves around the work of spy agencies during the 70s. The story (taken from the novel by John Le Carre) is a multi-layered one and relies heavily on character studies. The overall tone of this movie is hostile, dry, cold and sober. Also, for a movie of these days, its pace is rather slow. This can be a bit of a problem if someone is not into slow paced movies or gets distracted easily. One really has to pay attention throughout the whole movie to keep track of the story and not getting lost in it. But staying concentrated from start to finish really pays off for this great movie!