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What Features would you like added most?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Ross Balfour, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    So after this purchasing this game, expecting it to act and perform like a beta.. and wow I was so surprised at how polished it is for just a 0.7 version. The game is at the stage now where we can start to really get a grip of what the game can be like at its best, and gives us a chance to see what else we would like to add.

    There was a similar thread about cars to this one, but if this could be kept solely about the features of the game, rather than cars and tracks.

    Some of my suggestions:

    • Night Racing: Obviously with the time setting system already in place here, I can see this being implemented rather easily, and it's really a must feature if the game focuses on GT racing.
    • Pitstops: I'd like to think this is a no brainer too, modern racing is so pit-stop reliant it would be a travesty if this didn't feature.. but I am extremely confident it will be!
    • Custom Race Options: It would be truly magnificent if we could see more customizable race settings for both on and offline racing. 3 Races, each with different point systems (which can be created by the user), one shorter race, followed by a longer race, reversed grid for race two etcetc.
    • Choosing Cars by driver, rather than just by model: This is only a small thing, but would be nice to be able to add cars to an offline race by driver name and skin, rather than just by model. Although I do like the way in which we can choose how many of each car we want in each race!
    • Fully Functional Safety Car: If this could be implemented for both off and online racing, it would be pretty sweet.
    • Dynamic Weather: Truly changeable weather, such as it starting to rain and it be wet on some parts of the track, and dry on others.
    • Save Server as Favourite: Meaning it's far easier to find than having to search through a list (Then again I have no idea what the online interface will look like yet)

    Again I don't expect all of these to feature, but I was just getting the creative cogs turning. What about you all?
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  2. -Pitstop:No brainer.
    -Persistent qualification time until end of qualification session even if player leave server. Lost conections by tecnical reasons or any other reason are common.
    -Livetiming app for online races.
    -Allow at least on spectator on races for live streaming.
    -Dynamic weather.
    -Allow add weight on pits for training purposes.
    -Diferent telemetry file for each time we go to track like GTR. This should be very easy to implement and current workflow on telemetry analysis is a pain in the ass.
    -Ferrari 458 GT3:whistling:

    Night Racing: To me this isn't a black and white decision. Visual quality level should be on bar with day light and this could demand to much from hardware. And there's another problem which is to replicate real visual distance awareness. Yesterday I had a night race at spa on GTR2 and alot of us had huge problems to keep racing, because we all have different displays with diferent brightness and because virtual night light and virtual visual awareness is not even close te reality.
    Fully Functional Safety Car: Although it seems cool, in virtual world we don't need to wait the track to be cleaned from wreckages or cars to be towed so I don't see the need for it. In the end you could always use a racing car with a different skin to do that.
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  3. Pace car would be better for rolling starts etc.
  4. This was one thing that consistently gave me grief in RACE 07! I could run a time I'm really happy with and BAM it's gone.
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  5. In addition to the sensible things already posted:
    • Laser scanned pit babes
    • Laser scanned grid babes
    • Laser scanned random scenery babes
    • Bespoke horn sounds for each car (yes I am still on about that!)
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  6. I want different Fuel Mixes for Race weekends
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  7. the first two posts cover most of it methinks
  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Why do these type of threads keep popping up? I don't mean to cause any offence to the OP but there's already another thread about "what we want".
  9. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    As I clearly stated in the post, this differs from the previous one, as this focuses on features, while the other one focuses on car classes.
  10. - Full night driving / working headlights
    - "Better" clouds / sky
    - Working signal indicators
    - Official online laptime leaderboard
    - Queuing system for server slots
    - Favorites for servers
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  11. - multiplayer
    - pitstops
    - driver swaps
    - day/night cycle
    - weather
    - real road (working with weather)
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  12. Stelios

    Premium Member

    I would like steam overlay to stop lagging like a HOGS A$$ in AC :)

    Oh wait that's not a feature! :)
  13. Online Dedicated Server features I'd like to see:

    Server side online features:

    1. Web based server administration.

    2. Dynamic track changes in server rotation (i liked this in TOCA3) without having to restart servers.

    3. Ability to start servers from command line with their own pre-configured .ini file with list of settings/cars and tracks etc (as seen in Game Stock Car).

    Client side online features:

    4. To be prompted to download missing track and car mods when trying to join a server in lobby when you do not have that mod installed. Version checking should be included.

    5. Allow more details of servers to be displayed in lobby other than just the server name and a few settings, but the web site of the community hosting them and other info like what mods are being used. These could appear as a popup whilst highlighting a server or a second page when clicking on one.

    that's it for now...
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  14. I think this sim will really show its worth with how solid the multiplayer is. Is it just a simple old school open server type, or will it have certain aspects similar to iracing that really result in a good multiplayer experience. Its the top priority imo.
  15. Stelios

    Premium Member

    We have already discussed that, it will only have dedicated server, like most games do, or used to have.
    The point here is it is fully moddable, and i can see teams like RSR or Rivali work their magic on that matter...
  16. Pit stops got to have them:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    time won or lost in the pits
    big part of the race ;)
    Dynamic weather too:)
  17. Using custom skins in multiplayer with other drivers actually seeing them. The problem however is that it would take some bandwidth to download all the custom skins other drivers have on a joining server since skin files aren't really small.
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  18. I'd like to be able to choose which hard drive replays get recorded to instead of it defaulting to My Docs, so I can record to a standard large hdd rather than my Windows SSD.

    Weather and night would be great too :)
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  19. I moved my Doc's, Music, Pic's and Vid's folders to one of my Data HDD's. It's not hard to do, just a drag & drop process with a couple of small folder edits needed. There are many tips and articles online outlining the process.
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  20. yosh

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    is game simply on arcade game.