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Vista/Windows 7

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brendon Pywell, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Same for me...no HardwareID.txt file.
  2. Right click on the HID.exe file and run as administrator
  3. A good experience with windows 7/64

    After changing my harddisc during license period, I had to wait for months for the renewal. After a reinstall (forced by memory fault) I installed BTB EVO on a fresh machine. I do everything as administrator, not disturbed by the windows user control. I created the HID file and it worked for the full single-month period (better be careful). After four weeks with the old period still running, I built a new HID file and got me a new license. It still works fine. I hope this to go on so smooth. I have a second harddisc as an extern usb-device and I don't plug it off, neither for HID file-building nor while running BTB.

    So maybe there is hope for the frustadet users.
  4. running win7 64 bit - i get the occasional exception error but i can continue working

    some things are quit slow however

    clicking on a dot of the fastlane/pitlane and or moving it creates lag for seconds
    moving terrain is somewhat slow but not as bad

    anyone else got that ? or maybe know a fix ?

    thanks in advance !
  5. Same here. I didn't think it was due to Win7 though. I thought maybe its because im using it on my laptop and it might be limited. But i guess im wrong about that seeing im not the only one with the problem.
  6. There are a couple of settings in Options that might help, but be aware that if you set the number of Undos to zero BTB won't make any backups in the Temporary Files folder, you'll have to do your own backups:

    Update Timing
    This determines when items are updated as you make changes.
    Immediate - your entire Venue is recalculated each time you move the mouse whilst performing an action. This is ideal for seeing results in real time, however may slow down your progress, especially on larger projects.
    Partly deferred - the item you are changing is updated immediately, however changes to walls, SObjects and Objects are delayed until the mouse has been released.
    Deferred - No calculations are performed whilst you are moving the mouse. Only once the mouse button is release will the calculations be made. This will speed up the interface but at the sacrifice of delayed feedback.


    Undo Limit
    Set how many Undos can be performed. Increasing this will require a larger hard-drive capacity when working with large projects.
    Setting this to zero will mean there is no Undo but will also greatly improve the speed of operations.
  7. update timing does it sometimes

    but all in all its ridiculously slow for no reason other than a lacking of win7/vista support

    even a single click to paint terrain creates massive and complete lag (as in completely frozen) in 99 out of 100 tries

    anyone tried this ?

    since nvidia reports my gfx card as a "Virtual PC Integration Components S3 Trio32/64"

    i cant really run BTB on the virtualXP thing

    am i missing something ?
  8. Hello guys,
    Next week I'll change my computer's operating system, will pass from Vista to Windows 7.
    I have a great fear about what will happen to rfactor and BTB.
    I read that there may be many problems with the licenses.
    I am not an expert and so I ask your help for this important change.
    At the time I saved to another hard disck complete folders with all the contents of rfactor is that of BTB.
    With Windows 7 will be enough to copy the folders and BTB rfactor ?????
    Excuse my language but not speak English and I am writing with a translator.
    I ask you kindly explain the steps with simple language.
    Thanks in advance.
  9. Fabio,
    to install BTB (current version, as well as the new beta) the most important things are:
    1. to install Windows 7 as admin / superadmin, so you will have all privileges (same on Vista)
    2. to follow step by step the info of Brendon that you can find also here in other posts as well as the specific info related to the beta that was tested on Win7 (those are general information related to the best set for softwares born on XP but that you can use also on Win7
    To copy BTB from vista to 7 as it is, could be not enough...
    About old projects and additional XPacks, obviously you can copy the folders / files where they are stored by BTB
  10. Im interested in getting BTB but have Windows 7 64-bit. Can anyone advise if BTB runs on their Win 7 64-bit OS?
  11. I have Windows 7 64-bit, and BTB runs smooth as silk for me, apart from the odd error that I can dismiss and continue working :)

    However, if you do have a problem, don't expect much support from Brendon, as he has never supported W7 until the new Beta. Generally, though you should be fine :)
  12. Thats great many thanks :)
  13. Can i use BTB with Win 7 32 bit ?
  14. It is not supported, so you're taking a risk, although I would say the majority of BTB users are taking that risk. My own personal experience: Used to run Vista 32bit, now running W7 64bit, never had a hitch on either OS.
  15. I'm on 7 64bit too and have no problems. My advice is to download it and see; it'll be free to use for a short time, but it's plenty of time to see if you have issues or not. ;)
  16. @Drummer Well actually the 'problem' is with the licenses, so the demo can't tell you that. But yeah, should be fine.
  17. Ok, my bad, I'm sorry. :) :redface:
  18. HI!
    I am a BTB Evo user and it runs for me first on Windows XP and after on Windows 7 64bit
    for more then one Year now. I take my new license last month, february 2013 for again one Year and it always run fine.
    Now since two days I can`t start no more BTB, it comes this Lock message!?
    To day I`ve read all this Threads an follow all the Tips (not the VisualXP mode)
    posted here. But its allways the same. Lock System!
    What can I do? Wait for 11 monts?
    I see this problem is since 2009 and now we write 2013.
    By all Respect for Mr. Piddy, this is very sadly!
    Sorry for my bad English!
    Cheers! Franky.:cry:
  19. Hi again!
    This week I put my Windows back to 21.7 2012 and run BTB with my new License.
    But again Lock System.
    I follow all the tips written here, but always the same
    Then I reinstall Windows completly new and also BTB, by starting the Trackbuilder
    comes a long message with errors. Now I reinstall my last Windows configuration
    and again Lock System.
    I must say that I dont have do any change on my System by hardware.
    Its the same since I bey this Laptop SamsungR780 with Windows 7 home Premium.
    BTB always works fine on it, and from one day to the other(Lock System)
    I also desinstall the last Windows Updates from 29.03 2013 becouse BTB
    runs before. But nothing to do, Lock System.
    This problem comes only by the Licence file, not by BTB software.
    I dont know if the BTB Pro users have the same problems?
    But I see the new Beta Version of BTB Pro since 2011 is out.
    And the BTB Evo? Has not priority to adjust also the Licence file?
    Any other Licensed Program Software you can bey has continuos Updates
    and renovations, but BTB?
    I dont write to Mr. Brandon becouse he direct on this page here!
    And nothing resolves.
    But I must say: A so great tool like Bobs Track Builder have no merit to
    die with Windows XP!
    And I hope for a Fix of this problem so suddenly as possible by the programmer.
    Please! Mr Piddy! Give it to us! We all wait impatince for it!
    I think that I can write this for all BTB users. And HOPE again!
    And sorry for my bad English again!
    Greatings Franky!
  20. One Month now with BTB Locked License!
    Nothing to do! :poop::cry::cry::cry: