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Vista/Windows 7

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brendon Pywell, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Bobs Track Builder requires Windows XP - I do not support Vista or Windows 7.

    Although some people are successfully running BTB under Vista/Win7 I do not officially support it since I have not tested BTB under either of those operating systems. This is starting to change now as I now have Win7 x64, but it's early days and I need more testing under this operating system before I can officially support it.

    If you do wish to persist with Vista/Win7 then you do so at your own risk. Make sure everything is "Run as Admininstrator"; that includes the HID.exe that is used to generate your HardwareId.txt. Better still, right-click on the icon, go to Properties, select the Compatability tab and tick the "Run this program as an administrator" checkbox (at least this is what I see under Win7).

    Remove all USB drives and reboot before running the HID.exe.

    Some Vista/Win7 users report that their HardwareId number changes after a reboot and that only rebooting again will get the BTB license working again.

    "No support" means I do not assist those with problems under Vista/Win7. These threads are your only means of support. People that email me will be directed here.

    If you wish to move your license to a machine running XP you will need to wait until your license has expired, then generate and upload a new one on your XP machine.

    The good news is that with the next beta version I am attempting to make sure BTB works properly under Windows 7. Fingers crossed!
  2. i run 64 vista ,with no problems, admin, or general users... happy vista bunny.
  3. Vista 32bit Lisence problems

    Hi there,
    I bought a license for the BTB software a few weeks back but I have been having trouble activating it. Sometimes the lock thing will come up. And sometimes it won’t. I have downloaded my specific license for this computer-nothing changed since pc info sent. The license is in the BTB root folder in program files_ OS (C:)/Program Files/BobsTrackBuilder). That the right place isn’t it? Please help ASAP as I need to continue with my track.

  4. I have Vista 32bit and have similar problem. If license expired message pop up i do system restart and BTB working again
  5. It's not working for me at all, just keep getting this error message everytime I try and run the shortcut. I don't even have good enough specifications on my PC to play RBR in good quality; the graphics often jitters and goes blury when racing. So I'm left here drooling over seeing everyone create these nice tracks. I'm stuck with playing the PS2 RBR.
  6. License Renewal Problem?

    I feel like a dope asking this, but I’m frustrated :dont-know:
    I’ve been using BTB for a while and have my license renewal on a four month cycle.
    I always copy the new License file into the BTB main directory, and delete the old file, but the program continues to come up with the License Expired window.

    The last time I renewed, it did this, but the problem cleared itself after a few reboot cycles.
    But this time it isn't clearing.

    This should just be a simple update, system was running BTB fine until old license expired.

    Wonder what I’m doing wrong?
    Should I be making a new Hardware.txt file each time?
    I have just been using the old one.

    New Dell PC, no hardware changes since new.
    Windows Vista, I always run programs as Administrator, and BTB has worked without issues up to now.
    I don’t mess with the system time & date.

    I'm was right in the middle of making a track, guess I'll have a little break.

    Any suggestion appreciated :question:
  7. I keep a backup of all my License and HardwareID files, so I went back and looked the HardwareID file over for each time I updated the license.

    The system hardware hasn’t changed during these times, shouldn’t the hardware ID be the same? I figured it wouldn't change.

    HardwareID.txt file contents

    C25A-8273-91E0-1504-D5ED (Date 3/25/2009)

    1175-513C-BB94-A408-7EF5 (Date 4/7/2009)

    6B92-B0EA-D1FE-20DD-7A1B (Date 5/15/2009)

    Anyway, I ran the HID.exe again today and I’m back to the original contents?

    C25A-8273-91E0-1504-D5ED (Today 6/25/2009)

    My guess is that you should run HID.exe to generate a new HardwareID file each time you renew your license, even if the hardware hasn’t changed.

    Now, the question is what to do?
    Wait four months and try again, I guess :weep:

    ***UPDATE **** I discovered that if I had a USB JumpDrive plugged in that the HARDWARE.TXT file values would change. Don’t have any USB drives inserted while running BTB, especially when you are generating the HARDWARE.TXT file (using HID.EXE) for submission for your license.
    Keep track of the values in your HARDWARE.TXT file, they should not change if your hardware hasn’t changed.

  8. The weirdest thing...

    Well i posted a while ago here about my licence problems. I bought BTB Pro and all was well. Then one day when i tried to open BTB and the licence trial thing came up. A few days later BTB was fine again and i then continued to build my track. Then this morning literally 10 hours after closing the program the licence problem occured again. it is very weird how the licence will decide when to work and when to not. I am on Vista (with plenty of time on my licence). Licence is installed in BTB program files. Please help becasue I paid 100NZD for the product only to find it will only work some days. I am getting very frustrated as I was making good progress last night and now everything is on hold until it decides to work. Has this every happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

    Cheers heaps,
  9. If you try run BTB in Administrator mode?
  10. If you keep track of your HardwareID.txt files, like I did, you will probably see your system ID is changing randomly.
    Unfortunately, how the security protections works isn’t going to be solved by us talking about it.
    And beyond warning others of this possible problem with Vista, we probably shouldn’t discuss the copy protection any further in an open forum.

    In fairness to Brendon, we were warned that Vista was not supported.

    I have an older system running XP I could reload mine to, it’s to bad we couldn’t get our License’s reset before the 3, 4 or 12 months we have to wait.
  11. Using Vista and for some reason my middle mouse button does nothing

    Wheel is ok for zoom in and out but the wheel/button does nothing

    Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I solve my problem "btb x vista ultimate64", right click on btb.exe/properties/compability/run compability windows xp.
    but the middle button dosent work to.
  13. Mine is the same.

    Is there a list of keys to do the same as the middle mouse button?
  14. only problem i seem to be having is to keep the background.picture after exported seem to go weird after running in rfactor a few times,then re editing in btb then re exporting seem to screw the terrain background up.
  15. Middle mouse button. I found was to do with Logitech Software running in the task bar by the clock tells you mouse and keyboard battery info etc right click and exit it made the middle louse button work for me.
  16. how u save the .DDS files in vista64?
    the plugin nvidia and ddsconvert2 dosent work to me.
    Do you have the same problem?
  17. im using CS4, Im not sure if it works in CS4, Im trying install CS3.
    and yes Im using the latest version of plugin.

    ps. I made a thread about some error in my BTB, if someone can help me... thanks.
  18. same refresh issues here, but i use Vista32 & CS4.
    but saving & loading DDS works fine.

  19. What do you mean by refresh issues?
    I'm using Win 7 32 and 64 bit with PSCS4 and everything works fine with the proper Nvidia plugin.