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Vista/Windows 7

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brendon Pywell, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. OK perhaps i was a little harsh with comments to brendon so to brendon please accept my apoligy, and i will take your advise on board Festa-PWR and remove the post, i did not intend to flame BP because i dont even know what flaming is. ( BUT i am guessing it is something like the post from lordpantsington ) And to you i say this Dont jump to conclusions, dont threaten me with beatings & tearing new aholes, thers are enough of you already, secondly lucky ? you say money got me BTB not luck, and last i was not in a rage and the word boycott was yours NOT mine, so no points for you. Now to Erwin Greven i did read the info from Brendon but there were no answers to licencing probs, so the search continues. To Sub only a damn fool would mutter to himself in an australian accent. To FerrariMan96 something consructive or half inteligent would be handy. And last Ragamuffin you really should get in touch with your emotions and sort em out. SO THANKYOU FELLAS FOR ALL YOUR WORDS OF WISELY ........ SOMETHING AND NOTHING. CHEERS gunjaman.
  2. BTB

    Sorry RT1971 i nearly forgot you, if a vehicle does not have oars a propeller or sails it is most definantly not a boat every FW knows that CHEERS
  3. Oh well a half baked apology to Brendon and some more flaming.
    A shame you still don't understand why you caused such a response from others.
    Try writing your posts in notepad about an hour before you post here so you can read it before posting.
  4. Sub


  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_(Internet)

    My post was advice on what you did wrong. I was also giving a warning that forums get brutal when someone spouts off like that. I checked your post count before I replied. 2 posts wasn't enough that you should know better. Many of the posts after mine followed suit of what usually happens. I saw it coming. You came into BP's house, threw some insults and then got ripped to shreds. I was hoping the people here would give a little more leeway.

    Festa's reply is undoubtedly in reference to your post.

    Yes, we are all lucky (privileged) that we get to work on tracks before BTB is finished being developed. Look at any other software, you don't get to use it until it is done being developed.

    Might I ask what your native language is/ how old you are? I ask because something seems to be getting lost along the way. While I'm asking questions what OS are you trying to install to?
  6. I dont see what my age has to do with anything BTB or forums or yourself, unless you are racist, i understand and speak aussie perfectly well thankyou, for your concern. As for age again nothing to do with aforementioned, thanyou again for your concern. So lets cut the BS and see if the forum pages can actually be of assistance to myself and other users. My system is Vista 64 bit, and BTB ran perfectly on it for approx 3 months then erratic for a month then and now still, evev after reinstall and BTB verification i get locked popup. I have taken a screen shot of BTB explorer window desktop, can you tell if the file structure is correct please. As far as harware changes have been was i threw out my Brother multi function centre and now am using a canon i560. OH you might have noticed i edited my first badly written post so as not to cause BP any more grief. cheers. View attachment 22104
  7. Try get rid of that stinky piece of Vista of yours, that should solve the problem, i run BTB without any problems so far in WIn7 32 bit

    I do agree the hardware changes thingy are a bit stupid
  8. Ah, the attitude continues. The forum has been very helpful for me, but then I didn't come in expecting everything to be handed to me and I asked questions in a civil manner.

    Anyway, your attachment isn't visible. I don't know how that happened, perhaps you can repost it using the "insert image" icon?

    Overall, though, it sounds like you reinstalled and need a new license during the period when Brendon's licensing system isn't available. Brendon has provided news on his progress with restoring the licensing system. At this point, you'll just have to wait for the licensing system to be available for you.

    For what it's worth, BTB has been working fine on Vista 32-bit for me, so you shouldn't be blaming Brendon for a failure on your system. You said it yourself: it was working fine for 3 months before behaving erractically, so logic indicates there is a problem with your system.
  9. Same Here, Even if i've only had it 3 weeks
  10. Racism has nothing to do with age, and Aussie is not a language or dialect. You seem to misinterpret the meanings of what others are posting. There are other subtle errors in your posts that indicate either English is not your native language or you are very young and don't fully grasp word meanings. I am asking questions because I am trying to clarify your intent. There are those that troll forums just to start wars. Given the combative nature of your posts, it may very well be the case here. You should have been banned from your original posting, but naivety and ignorance are valid enough reasons to keep that from happening. Be glad I'm not a mod.

    I still don't understand what your problem is. You bought software for an OS that the software was not developed for. It is expressly stated Vista and 7 are not supported. You don't see people buying software for Mac OS and then ranting in Miscrosoft's 7 forum that it doesn't run. You gambled and now lost, my suggestion is to cut your loss and move on.
  11. ohhhh praise the molevolent brendan for showering his brilliance upon us with the pre-development use of his incomplete software and having the modesty to charge our credit cards for the privilege.
  12. The problem with you Gunjaman is that you're only interested in a fight, not a solution. Given the unrelenting belligerence of your posts I doubt that anyone here has any desire left to assist you. So basically you've put yourself up a creek without a paddle. Congratulations!
  13. Here's an idea:
  14. I should have just used this:

  15. To Brendon, If you are a developer of windows based software, I'm pretty sure you can get either discounted or even free copies of all versions of 7 to test your btb on. Once service pack 1 for 7 is released it will not be possible for purchasers of new machines to "downgrade" to windows XP or Vista. This means their only choice of OS will be windows 7.

    In my line of work it is extrememly frustrating to have to order new computers for businesses with outdated operating systems because one of their applications is not supported under Vista or 7. Microsoft go to great trouble to make release candidates of new OS's so independent developers can work with them to iron out bugs well before its release.
  16. what is the best rfactor-material choice for the objects-textures building with sketch-up ?
    i have build some things that perfectly loading in BTB , but otherwise in rfactor i have a message that he can not load with this material
    i have many times to take another choice for this materials but the message go no away
    who can help me ?
  17. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke

    Choice of OS for BTB

    I plan to buy BTB Pro after that I have tested it on W7 64 bit.
    The question is now which solution is the best?
    1. W7 64 bit (prefered solution) I know that it's not supported by Brendon
    2. Win XP 34 in Virtualbox under Win 7 64 bit 2nd choice) Have anyone tried this?
    3 Dualboot Win XP 32 bit.

    The first solution is of course the most practical, Virtualbox in seamless mode could be ok too.
    Dualboot is a bit cumbersome.

    Another question. The Licence file is generated based on the HW, how big changes can be done?
    New HDD? more memory?
  18. The only solution so far is dual boot or XP as only OS

    Virtualisation does not work since Direct 3D devices are not suported and also Windows XP mode under 7 does not work either from same matter.

    Let me say that BTB runs ok under win 7 64-bit (you need to install Framework 2.0 and Direct X 9.0c), but there is licensing issue. From out of nowhere you will get licence expired, but then after several reboots it might work again. It has been discussed already.

    I hope someone of the new 0.9 beta testers can say more if this issue has ben resolved now.
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  19. What's this got to do with Vista or Windows 7?
    The fact is that if you buy BTB you have a product that will export a functional track into rfactor, RBR, GTR2, GTR Evo, GTL or Racer.
    So I'm not really sure what you expect from Brendon.
    We bought a program, not Brendon's Soul.
    Post's like this will ensure that we will not see anymore updates.
    If I was Brendon & I saw this I would be gutted & probably throw the whole project in the bin.
    Maybe he already has??
    Give the guy a break already.
    Be happy with the program as it exists.
    It is a brilliant piece of software & I have never regretted buying it.
    Sure it's not perfect but find me some software that is.
    Maybe you should buy 3ds Max instead??
  20. AMEN!