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Visor View Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by kenken, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. FAQ:

    Q: Is there way to update this mod for F1 2013?

    A: I would say Yes. But nearly zero possibility. Because if you had enough skill to do it, you can make it your own rather than posting question or request. One thing for sure, how much you modify ini file, it will never work with F1 2013. Furthermore, I'll never answer about procedure, so don't ask. I'm really tired about this, especially some kind of people who asks same question repeatedly(it's a main reason I lost motivation).
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  2. So is this like if I use TVpod cam or chase camera the visor effect is still there?
  3. It probably is, until you turn it off - with the HOME key.
  4. In rear view, it won't show. But in other cam, it will show visor. For now, it's intentional because if visor will show only cockpit view, custom cockpit cam with revmeter won't show visor.
  5. Some screenshots.
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  6. That is... pretty awesome. If only I could extract the inside of the helmet texture from Shift 2... :giggle:
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  7. Now i just need to ask some guys to make some nice textures.

    Thank you kenken i've been looking for this mod for a long time.
    Do you know how to change the render files to make the game renders the trasparency of the helmet visor like in Parc Ferme?
  8. I guess rendering stage of helmet doesn't set transparency attribute, so renderer just ignores alpha channel of texture. That means nothing you can do, except patching d3d11.dll.
  9. works like charm, thanks (with HUD too)

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  10. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    Omg christmas came early, nice job m8 :thumbsup: Filaszbrna where did you get the texture :D

    Edit: its ok I got it :D
  11. You are welcome. I hope someone makes hires texture like this. Because I'm not good at painting.
  12. Looks very nice :thumbsup: , but i dont know how i can create a visor textur file.
  13. :cry:
    You are right, problem is that i haven't found the "render map" for the races.
    This is the one for parc ferme:
    <part id="dr2Head" mesh="HeadCareer.pssg" textures="HeadPlacedSecond.pssg" texturefilter="wing TNormalMap, wing AOMap, wing TDiffuseAlphaMap, helmet TNormalMap, helmet AOMap, helmet TDiffuseAlphaMap,visor TNormalMap, visor AOMap, visor TDiffuseAlphaMap" connectjoint="Bip01 Head" userdata="FaceFX:#" >

    I guess if i could add the same texture filters to the race it should work, still haven't found the race, found it for pit, a lot of things, but not for the race :mad:

    EDIT: I use another "injected" effects, will work together?
  14. This is just purely awesome. Been racing with tvpod cam since 2010 but now im actually thinking of switching to cockpit just because of this. Thank you so much :)
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  15. Roberto Costa Depend on program. The most of generic program such as afterburner, flaps and AA-injector will work together.

    In DX10/DX11, DirectX has 2 layers. The lower is common part for DX10 and DX11, it's provided by dxgi.dll. The upper layer is d3d10.dll and d3d11.dll. Programs which I mentioned above, use lower layer, dxgi.dll. And this mod use upper layer. So the combination of lower and upper will work together.
  16. Tino Ahola You are welcome. I hope you enjoy it.
  17. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    It works fine with sweetfx Roberto :)

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  18. Thanks Keith!
    Now i just need to find a good texture! :roflmao:
  19. Thanks kenken.

    I use the sweetfx like the above, same as Keith, and also afterburner! ;)
    Thanks man!!!!!!
  20. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

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