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Ultimate 2015 Physics Mod 2.0

Rise to the Challenge!

  1. rkh


    rkh submitted a new resource:

    2015 Ultimate Physics Mod - Rise to the Challenge!

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  2. I will test it as soon as I go back home!:)
  3. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rkh I will test as soon as I can , but for all the WIP and comments you have done , I think I have the idea what I going to find in this mod :D:D, thanks again!
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  4. Hvaing done more testing of the game I have noticed something I think either the whole Melandri Bradl Corti thing should be updated or the AI pace should be changed as Melandri is finishing about 15th place and Bradl almost last really enjoying BTW far more challenging
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  5. Really impressive physics. Did some testing on the works Honda on the Sachsenring and I can constantly pull off 1:22,X now while avoiding wheel hopping at the crest on the main straight. Just need to fine tune my Turn 1 braking.
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  6. Astonishing mod!:confused:
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  7. rkh



    -improved general bike behavior;
    -changed weight and inertia and now more tendency for chattering, stoppies etc;
    -different rider position on the bike (more hangin' off);
    -new brake power and more front pressure compared to rear end;
    -other behavior with the lean angle during acceleration braking and change of directions;
    -more bearing surface with the tyres on the tarmac;
    -new suspension optimization (more ride height at the rear) - including an nice gfx update e.g. the Yamahas lookin' now more realistic;
    -and a few other things

    -update currently includes MotoGP 2015 class;
    -changed torque and inertia as well;
    -now a special wheelbase for every manufacturer (for sure I don't know everything but the work is done to the best of my knowledge);
    -slightly shorter gearbox for a more realistic shifting procedure

    -reduced side grip for all slick compounds;
    -special rain file (other Data-File); reduced lean angle during rain,
    -improved and overworked tyre degradation for DRY + WET races

    - overall improvement of AI speed
    - realistic simulation of riders qualifying/race positions for all three classes
    - altered several AI physics files related to braking and torque
    - altered every teams performance/reliability values in all three classes
    - altered every individual riders race and qualifying performance in all three classes
  8. rkh


    There should not be any rider named Marco Melandri left, as he was replaced by Bradl (see my Bradl mod) Laverty had to be switched to Forward Yamaha as we need 2 riders for the game, but he finishes dead last. So, Melandri doesn't even show up in the game anymore, Bradl places between 12 - 20 depending on race incidents, tracks and other scenarios and Laverty dead last over 4 seconds slower in QP when mod was installed correctly.

    here, Bradl had a near high side during the race and fell from 14th to 18th
    As Aleix Espargaro on a Suzuki: full weekend, 11 laps race, sunny, fastest AI possible
    Physic: pro, auto-gear, auto tuck-in, everything else is on full simulation.

    FP: on both soft compound I set the 1st place with an incredible (compared to the others) 1.21.126 with a gap of +0.439 from Jorge Lorenzo.
    Q2: my first attempt became easly the pole lap with a 1.21.309. Second place for Lorenzo in 1.21.4xx
    WU: putted the hard compound on the rear and try to have a nice pace around the track. Lap time swing around 1.21.7 and 1.22.1. 5th place for me in the warm up.
    RACE, 11 laps:
    lap 1. Nice start for the group, bad for me: in the first corner I'm back to 6th place behind Lorenzo, Marquez, Iannone, P. Espargaro and my teammate Vinales. I found really hard to overtake (finally the realism!:p). I overtook Vinales down the back straight.
    lap 2. Pol Espargaro passed in the same place down the straight.
    lap 3. I'm catching Iannone, the couple Marquez-Lorenzo started to create a gap!
    lap 4. Iannone passed just after the start-finish line.
    lap 5-6. Cathing Marquez. I had a very good pace around 1.21.5xx, best lap on 1.21.3xx.
    lap 7-8-9. Awesome, believe me, awesome!, battle with Marc Marquez.
    lap 11. I passed even Lorenzo down the back straight!

    Ended the race in 15:08.005
    Average lap time (except the first lap): 1.22.4xx
    Fastest lap: 1.21.3xx on lap 6

    Personal notes:
    1) You should make the shifting point earlier, like around 16000rpm, because the virtual-riders shift up to the limiter (have a look here
    ) and makes the bike too nervous in turns.
    2) I need a smoother lean: in physic>vehicle>playerdata>defaultbike try to change steerdamp from 140 to 200.

  10. I am new member . How do install?(sorry for this message my english is bad)
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  11. rkh


    use mixfile remixer to EXTRACT your DATA.MIX file from your main MotoGP15 folder. Once extracted, you should have a folder named DATA on your desktop (that is where I would extract it to). Then you overwrite that DATA folder with the DATA folder that includes DRY WEATHER log. Once overwritten, use mixfile remixer to repack that DATA folder on your desktop and select path to overwrite the original DATA.MIX in you MotoGP main folder. Make sure to select correct mix format SBK-X/V8. Restart the game and there you go. Use the Wet Weather DATA.MIX in case of rain and vice versa.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2015
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  12. Tried this mod. On keyboard it became unplayable... :( Because TCS working differently it destroys rear tire really quickly.
    Bikes again, like it was in MotoGP13, leaning soooo slow. And you can brake as hard as you like! No chance to fall? It was better.

    What files should I take from this mod to change qual results? It was great to see normal riders on the front row!
    Could I take some files to change AI speed or it would work only with this physics?
  13. Enjoying the added challenge so far but the AI behavior and results seem a little weird. Done a few 50% races and both Ducati's consistently on podium and Lorenzo falling off for no reason all the time.
  14. rkh


    I am so sorry, I truly apologize in advance, first of all what are you talking about??? Normal riders? Secondly, again sorry, but as long as you "play" with keyboard, please refrain from making any comments. Unfortunately you do not qualify to make any comments under such circumstances. Nobody on earth can be called a simulation fan when you use keys. Additionally everything you say about bike behavior is untrue. Sorry, this mod is not for you.
  15. rkh


    never experienced that ever. and I mean not once. Lorenzo just won the title in my career. also hard to believe that you have already done " a few" 50% races, takes a long time, unless all you do is play this game.

    Listen everyone, if you are experiencing severely strange issues such as this guy here or other situations, REST ASSURED it is on your end. We did not spend nearly 2 months on this to have the guy from earlier playing with keyboard critique bike behavior, nor pilots constantly crashing during the race. If you have any of those problems, again, it would be on your end. But it is always easy to blame us first, right?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2015
  16. Having done multiple 100% races (race only) I am really getting used to the physics and it becoming less challenging just did a race on the aprillia at indy and won by 23secs on the hardest difficulty (with 3 falls)
    I'm wondering whether you may be able to improve AI performances ;)
    I also feel Redding is slightly too good between 6th and 10th in the races I have done
  17. Yes, in original game qual results was too predictable. Same racers on the same positions every race.

    What is untrue? Braking become much too easy and I don't really think it happened because of my keyboard. Now it's really hard to damage your front tire. Leaning the bike? May be different on joypad, I don't know. If it is then it's bad for me, nothing else.
    Accelerating become harder but I wasn't saying it's bad and did not even ask about any changes. Just fill sorry I can't enjoy the mod I was so waiting for.

    All I was asking is what files changed AI qual results and speed and would it work without other files. That's all.
    Sorry if it looked like I critique your work I never meant it. And I never knew that it is wrong to ride the way you like and enjoy. It's sound strange.
  18. It is not difficult to save the front tyre however it was like this before with your rear tyre issue have you tried running the harder tyre I was having a similar issue with tyres only lasting 2/3 of a race but the hard tyre makes it sooo much easier
  19. To save rear tire I just need to be slightly less agressive with a throttle which is difficult on keyboard. But I can always change gear earlier or change bike set up. Or just spend more time on track working on it. There are ways. :)
  20. rkh


    That is not even close to being possible. No way you would get used to this mod by now, no way you would win by 23 seconds (ON ANY BIKE). Obviously, that has never even happened with the stock game and 3 falls on top of that? LOL. Not even with riding aids is this possible. Once again a reminder our mod does NOT WORK WITH AIDS and HAS TO BE SET TO HARDEST DIFFICULTY LEVEL. You need to be responsible for every aspect of the bike except tuck-in, as that can be set to auto.
    Regarding Scott Redding; he finishes between 11th - 17th, that is another reason why I know you installed it wrong. Everyone is best advised to READ instructions, READ what someone is trying to tell you. When you show up here acting like this, you simply look like a troll. Just like people playing with keyboard. Sorry, but this is not an arcade mod. We (though @JayS is much calmer than me) did not spent 2 months on the most comprehensive improvement to the game just to have it trolled down by arcade folks playing with keyboards or refuse to read instructions... but in the end I am the bad guy for speaking the truth. My goodness.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
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