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Thrustmaster T300RS Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Blkout, Aug 23, 2014.

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  1. Would love to see one comparing it to the TX, I'm expecting them to be identical but I'd love to know for sure!
  2. Kjell, I feel 99% confident the T300 is going to be identical to the TX except one notable feature, since the T300 is the successor to the T500, it has 1080 degrees of rotation instead of the TX's 900 degrees but that's absolutely pointless in my opinion. They use the same motor, belt system, and even the base is practically the same size. There's really no reason to think they would use a different wheel than the TX when its cheaper to repackage a TX as a T300 with PS3/PS4 compatibility. I assume the 1080 DOR was probably a requirement to replace the T500 since PS3 games are already coded with 1080 degrees of rotation for the T500.
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  3. Agreed, I'd just like to hear it from someone who's actually tested both ^^
    As I see it the T300 might just save me buying a upgrade wheel short term, it would also probably work better as a donor for shifter and buttons for a aftermarket rim I reckon. (than the TX stock wheel that is).
  4. I had planned to get a T300 to replace my T500 when they're available in the US, but I'm hearing that might be October. If I end up with one, I'll be able to do a comparison unless someone else ends up with both before I do.
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  5. Well I'm in no rush yet ^^
  6. T300 will upgrade my G27 soon when i have money.
  7. Article says that you can use Fanatec pedals with this wheel, can anyone confirm that?
  8. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    Pretty sure you just connect the Fanatec pedals directly to your pc via usb
  9. Great thanks for the help. Think I will be getting one come November. It' seems better value than the Fanatec Products and I like the F1 replica wheel!
  10. Yes connect your clubsport V2 pedals to USB, they work great together with the T300 wheel. I have both and they put my old G27 to shame. I wish I could connect the pedals to the wheel in some way, would be even better.
  11. Antmerino


    I have a question:
    When my wheel's fan start (I have the T300rs) , this never stops, I waited 3 hours and the fan didn't stop.
    I must to unplug the usb wire for the fan stop.
    Is normal it?

    Note: I use Windows 8.1 64 bits and the last firmware and drivers.
  12. You can.

  13. Antonio.
    No this is not normal. My T300RS fan stops after about 3-5minutes.
    Looked at the CPX but the postage to Australia might be a bit high. Will look into it a bit more, I like the idea of the CPX.
  14. Antmerino


    what firmware version do you have?
    what OS do you run?
    any advice?

  15. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Anybody got any info about the amount of torque (Nm) on the steeringwheel or how many watts the powersupply is that comes with T300?

    To have some indication about the strength of the FFB effects.
  16. Can somebody tell me how much space is needed below the desk when I mount the T300 to a desk? My keyboard slides underneath the desk and I'm afraid I cannot slide the keyboard in anymore when the T300 is mounted. Or maybe there is even too little room between desk and slider to mount the T300 at all. Can anybody give me some measurements?
  17. To answer my own question: I have asked Thrustmaster about this. This is the reply I got:
    The clamping mechanism supplied with the unit needs a minimum of 6 cm of space, under the surface to which the unit has been clamped.
    You will need, in the beginning, some additional centimeters to fasten the wheel by hand.
    When this is done you will get to the dimension specified (6 cm).
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  18. fanatec csr elite or t300rs? Any suggestion?
  19. T300.