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Race #13, Belgium: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).
  2. I am very sorry Atze. Rear end started wobbling because of some earlier damage. I'm very very sorry...
  3. race was going well.. decided to run long to get some clean air and try to max out the first stint.. switched to hard tyres on pitstop was going to run to the end came out just behind hanel and tali.. who were workng together nicley in slipstream etc.. tried to pass tali 3 times.. was left no room.. on all 3 occasions.. which was a shame, had a little tap to him at bustop as the lagg waas a bit bad once again.. so let him back past tried again.. no room left... then the stupid bumps at that corner just thru the car off.. had no chance..
  4. look at this.... people just dont leave room.. poniatowski just turns in on de wit and prevot ! no one leaves room at all... come on... crazy racing..
  5. ??? it was the hakkinen move mate - and btw, it was De Wit and Nilsson!
  6. hakkinene move lol ? all i saw was you turn in on people when they on inside of you lol.. but wasnt hjust you.. seemed to be everyone in that race.. carnage lol..
  7. Yeah, crazy racing. That's just what can I say with current forum rules, otherwise I will be banned.

    Fantastic race again by Bono, outstanding performance, congratulations.
  8. i made mistakes.. i admit.. i let tali back past when i touched him slightly althow my replay shows no contact lol.. but my god.. some people need to learn how to race.. i get slammed sometimes for my driving but its now far better than some of the driving being displayed as of late...
  9. This also happens a lot in WT and WS..... Its pretty gay and those guys dont even get penalty...... its allways "Race Incident".....
  10. Yeah but we are talking of WC, the highest? level of simracing. And you can see stupid moves like this, in lap 4 !

    Really frustrating. A week wasted because some people can't understand how to drive in firsts laps.
  11. if its a top team they never get noticed... if a suprise car like ash or fts get upfront and something happends its always more spotlighted.. thats always going to happen as we are nexpected to be up there.. but what chane do we stand to show our credentials when all we do is get smashed off when we try to pas people lol..
  12. also david was a nice battle with you haha.. your moves are very rude lol.. i think i got past and bang your there on inside still lol.. very nice racing early on.. shame other people cant see where other cars are !
  13. I don't know about WT since I don't follow it much but in WS and WC I can't remember any such incidents that's gone without penalty.
  14. I have seen you a bit lagged, it was a bit difficult to be exactly where were you lol. But at least you know how to brake.
  15. I think the problem is that at times its that close that people or not willing to give room to others. Sometimes i see moves that makes you think, today again atleast 2 clear moves where people getting bashed out of their way. And its not suprisingly that most of the time that it are the same people involved in incidents. People can blame others, but should look at themself as well.
  16. just want to apologise to Rasmus tali as he has apologised for cutting me up but again he had lagg too which caused uncertainty when racing me... sorry mate had no idea you had lagg too
  17. i lagged david ? wierd as today my pings were lower to everyone than hockenheim but still some lagg issues.. tali had it i had you had it...
  18. also i want to say a quick thankyou to mikkonen.. i had a realy nice battle with you man early on... may not mean much to you but was nice to show i can race the top guys fairly !
  19. From GPCOS:

  20. Thanx Lee for the positive feedback
    Scott wild took his words back
    Where no real incidents some touches here and there
    Between me Kerkhof,Poniatowski
    I let them both passed...
    I had awesome racing between Puumalainen and Prevot was great overtaking after Rivagge on the outside woooo!!heeh

    I am really pleased with this 5th place!!!