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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. I seem also to have a problem with the 3dmax files contained in the Skinning Material.
    Only thing i can lay on a skin is the whole chassis, with the windows included..
    So Found the material Glasses , but it seems it does nothing
    So do i have the wrong 3d model or am i using the wrong templates??


    What i mean is can i make this render the traditional way, or is replacing the TGA's the only way?
    And im using Vray instead of Brazil, could that be the problem ?
  2. I think you are not saving it/replacing the correct files.
  3. Same problem here, I dont know what to do, I see other teams can render:
  4. I know this is a noob question but I have read the STC rules so many times and most of the rules have not been changed in ages and now that we use the Doran one of my team mates was wondering if you really need the GTR-Evo to race at STC or if only Race 07 is needed?
  5. Our test server only has R07 installed on it and the mod works fine.
  6. should think so, the patches only add to the race07 engine, GTR Evo and STCC and race on are only about more content which you do not need for STC.
  7. Thanks for the answer guys.
  8. Might be silly question, but where do I extract the tyre update file. The .tyr file?
  9. I cant get this to render at all, I've tried what Simon said in a previous post but all I get is a black car. It also says that there's some missing files.

    I'm using 3ds Max 2010 with Brazil Rio 2.2 (I cant find the full version anywhere)

  10. Had the same problem, only one of the older versions of brazil work, but i cant remember which one i have and where i founf it.
    Forget the render, in game screen on full details also look fine if you wish to post them ;)
  11. Is the mod/trackpack already released?
  12. Not yet.
  13. Is there a way to watch your fellow team-mates from a pit wall like perspective?

    What I mean is, I sit on TS with my fellow TMO drivers, and inform them about important info.
  14. Yes, go to the STC main site and click on pit wall. There you will have the race broadcast and all the race live timing. (Simon have been faster :D)
  15. Shame i cant do this on the track hehe
  16. Cool, thanks. When I'm not driving, I still want to do all that I can to help.
  17. hi guys i am trying to connect to the server with my team mate but car class unknown we have the latest mod with all the skins any ideas guys sorry to be a pain

    thx in advance best regards
  18. no worries guys problem is fixed it was the gt legends mod i have installed

    removed and all is perfect

    thanks for this league and see you all soon for round 1

    start your engines
  19. didnt the broadcast work tonight guys just wondering
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Not open for further replies.