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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. don't think so, but a recalibration was requested, as in: tires behaved too much the same last year, so the choice was sometimes not really a choice.
  2. Exactly, Eckhart is right... as usual.

  3. That are 2 things that are not the same. No changes, but the tyres will change¿¿¿???

    In my opinion its very important to have those tyres during practice.....
  4. I know it is important, and we should get them soon ready... but the rest of the MOD will stay the same.
  5. I have a question about skinning STC Doran car:
    I use CS3 Photoshop with Nvidia dds blugins, when I do uncheck wire frame and filtering the layers and saving the file as DXT "I mean the first choice from the Nvidia DDS blug-ins which appears in this stage of skinning".
    BTW when I filtering the layers the photo shop ask me about the hidden layers, I press ok which the only choice.
    Then when I go to the GTR EVO game to see the car I found it with another color if I skinned it light gray it turns to be white, if I skin it with dark color it turns to be in the game light gray, and so on.
    Also I want to ask how to make a complete folder with a new team to see the skins I do, also how to render the skin work to get that render style photos?
    Thanks for helping me! :)
  6. Should be saving it in DXT 5
  7. I think most of the tyre compounds are okay, but just the Hard tyres are useless all around, wouldnt be a big effort to improve them.
  8. ok now when I finished the skins and over write them with an excited team just to watch them in game, when I do that and start the it crashed and I got this msg, any help over that? please klick the next pic to see the msg


  9. I use to get crashes like this with skins and I know what I will say might sound wierd and make no sense but when you go to choose the car/skin, make sure that the game haven't auto selected the Doran category out of the 3 categories. If it has then pick the safety car category, let the safety car load up and then go back and choose the Doran. When you pick your skin/car let it load and then continue to enter the track.

    I belive this problem happens because you have some more commands then needed. (just a theory)
  10. gents I need help with rendring using the 3dmax 9 and brazil, any ideas?
  11. Yes, as I am not quite good on technical things, just send me your windows and skin and I will render the car for you. If you want, that´s an option.
  12. Ok I will after I finish the skin tonight I hope, but do you know some instructions over how to use the 3dmax and brazil?

    thx for your help :)
  13. Save you skin as a TGA, replace the body tga in render files. Open up the render scene, press F10 and render ;)
  14. what is the render scene u mean 3d max that I have and it did not open the TGA files? and thanks for help :)
  15. No the scene you get with the template, it has a folder in it with all the TGA files in there. You just replace the file as i said and open up the render using the 3ds max save file.
  16. I am using 3d max 9 with brazil and no problem to render any car except the STC doran I dont know why?
    each time I open the doran .max file the windows and the cockpit stuff do not load to the car,! how could I make them work?
  17. Not sure if other scenes work, the render works fine for me so i really dont know
  18. Ok Simon

    thx for your help, but pls if u have time to give me more help, I need to know in a 1 , 2 ..steps starts from the .rar file with the STC Black Cup material,where to extract an so on to get this things work? and if I have to do the windows and other parts of the car in a TGA files or it is already there?

    Sorry for that but I have been in this for more than 3 days without any progress :(
  19. Ive told you what you need to do in previous posts, if that doesn't work then its something to do with your install of 3ds max or brazil.

    Extract to somewhere on your pc, open up your skin and save it as a tga. Replace the main body tga in render files then open up the file using the render file then render. Simples
  20. the problem is that I can render all other models except the Doran.! but any way thanks
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Not open for further replies.