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Modmates Modcams 2012 All cars v 1.4

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Kai Lohmann, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Modified Cameras for F1 2012

    13 modded cams included right now.

    Modcams V 1.4

    Release 07.10.2012

    -Added new Bonnetmod Cam for all cars
    -Fixed the not hidden rearview for all cars

    Modcams v 1.2

    NEW BonnetMOD


    Kelaroost Cockpit

    Cockpit NEW Static x Dynamic



    Cockpit NEW with HUD


    Close Cockpit +Static


    Close Cockpit Dynamic



    Cockpit-Deep + Static


    Cockpit Dynamic


    Bonnet dynamic


    Bonnet Wide + Static


    More cams will follow soon!



    Links also on my website


    T500 Ferrari Mod Service


    Greets Modmate
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  2. Nice stuff. :)

    Do you know if it possible to make the steering wheel static? That's the thing keeping me from using cockpit view personally, addition on to the lack of adjustability.
  3. Hi,
    I will maybe have a look into that on the weekend, so far its pretty ok for me.
  4. Thanks good job...:)
  5. I see that you have the HUD displayed in the cockpit.
    Is that included?
  6. mydriaz


    Very nice first set ! Thank you for sharing.
    Do you plan to make a cockpit camera closer to steering Wheel ?
    Thank you.

    Sure its included ;)


    even closer? But you "loose" the rearview mirror. Any special purpose for it?
  8. nice angles, thanks!
  9. Nicely done, is it possible for me to remove the HUD from cockpit view?
  10. I will add one without in the next version with more cams.
  11. mydriaz


    Nevermind the mirrors cause this camera type give you the best and easiest way to drive F1 IMO...
    I've posted a screen shot.

    Attached Files:

  12. Hey,
    I will add one of those in the next version also.;)
  13. should be lower position dynamic camera
  14. fov 70 ?
  15. Not really, but be patient, its just the first version. More cams will be added soon.
    And please to evryone , i would need more information if a cam is to high or you find a bug. At least on wich car. The cams are not the same , i have to do for all teams seperate.
  16. Thanks sooooo much Modmate, buddy. Finally I get to drive withyour awesome cams.......hang on a second.....did I say FINALLY? LOL the game is only 48 hours old. Awesome job mate!!!!
  17. Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the cameras, they are very nice.

    Found a little bug with the Ferrari while sitting in the pits.


    Just thought i would let you know.

    Cheers and thanks once again.
  19. Hi,

    I dont get that bug, must be something else mate.
    Also, that doesnt look like any of my cams though.
  20. mydriaz


    Good news ! Thank you ;)
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