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Misc LS Cockpit Camera Mod v1.7

More accurate and realistic cockpit camera placements

  1. Large Style submitted a new resource:

    LS Cockpit Camera Mod - More accurate and realistic cockpit camera placements

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  2. is it possible to make just a lower cockpit view
    in your next update please?
    Great effort:thumbsup:
  3. Thanks Marsala.

    Yes it's easily possible to just lower the cockpit view, but it would probably then need the looking angle raising to compensate for the height adjustment. Every single (teams) car is different so they'll all need new coordinates and settings to be manually adjusted, which is more a problem of time to actually do. It would also effectively be a new mod, so I'll see how things go with this mod first..... :)
  4. @ MARSALA: Job done:


    Hope it's what you wanted.
  5. Thank You So So much :)
    its perfect :thumbsup:
  6. You're welcome. Enjoy :D
  7. First of all, thank you @Large Style for you effort. May I ask for one more version please?
    I really like the camera positions from this version - little lower, closer. Would you please create version with update fov and original head movements?
    Many thanks.
  8. Hi Michal. So you want LS Cockpit Camera Mod with original head movement? Ok, sounds like a good option to make. I'm busy with making specific 21:9 aspect ratio versions of my 2 mods (just bought a 21:9 display) which'll take a day to complete. Once that's done I'll work on your suggestion.
  9. Check v1.1 Update :)
  10. To anyone interested, I'm planning on releasing v1.2 of this mod in the next few days whch will include:

    - "LS Lower Cockpit Cams" mod will be incorporated into this mod.
    - Will support all combinations of Original and Modded head / camera positions with Original and Modded head / camera movements.
    - 21:9 specific cameras using optimised FOV with compensatory position adjustments (also probably good for triple-screen gaming).
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  11. I installed version 1.1, but noticed that there aren't any files for the Mercedes in the download. Any reason for this? Great job by the way.
  12. Thanks for the good spot TKenn33 - I just somehow missed adding the file into the upload. Updated v1.1 to v1.11 with the missing file included.
  13. Nice, thanks for uploading the Mercedes file, everything works perfectly and looks great. I'm looking forward to v1.2
  14. Great, many thanks!!
  15. I just wanted to let anyone that may be patiently waiting for my v1.2 update that it shall probably be released Thursday, or Friday at the absolute latest. I'm currently swamped in xml files and the v1.2 update will have an absolute butt-load of options. So far, the structure is a follows...

    Initial breakdown is between Wide and Ultra-Wide versions - the Wide consisting of 3 main settings (original but lowered cameras, my v1.0 mod cams, and the third being 50% between the two). Each of these have further options to include or exclude original or modded Head Physics and original or modded environment effects (track bumpiness and wind). Then there will be "bonus" FOV settings which are closer therefore more crazy & fun than before, again with optional effects. Finally the Ultra-wide options will simply have FOV and camera position tweaks to allow for an almost identical view as the wide versions but with significantly improved peripheral zones.

    I'll provide proper instructions, animated GIFs and a video once it's all done. So best get back to it.....
  16. I make a new video with this mod and other, i love your mod thank you :thumbsup:

  17. Thank you Dizeuul for your kind comment and video (looks good). It really inspires and pleases me to actually see others enjoying the mod so thanks for taking the time to make and share the video. :)
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  18. Large Style updated LS Cockpit Camera Mod with a new update entry:

    LS Cockpit Camera Mod v1.2 Update

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