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Lewis Hamilton Silences Critics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. Found it quite ironic that Perez was actually slower than the Saubers for most of the weekend. Oops.
  3. Quite funny you should say that, is it the car, or is it perez?

    I'd say the car for sure this time though!
  4. 5th was a great result for Hamilton, but lets not forget that at the start of 2012, Mercedes were right at the front, getting a win in China, but by the end of the season, they were barely scoring points. It's too early to say he's silenced the critics.

    Lets hope Mercedes can move forward this year, not backwards.
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  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I can't help thinking what MSC would have done with the Mercedes this year.
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  6. Sohaib Ali

    Sohaib Ali
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  7. Hamilton will only silence his critics should he win the WDC......
  8. Considering he must have helped with development....
  9. I think it is far too early to silence anyone and say it was the right or wrong decision (at least from a sporting point of view).
    McLaren hast 18 more races to catch them and MGP 18 more to screw things up.
  10. Retired again? :p
  11. What's up with this myth again? MSC helped with development as much as any other driver would, giving his input on the car's feel and what he needs from it. Better or worst than other drivers, that's for sure. But saying he helped with development it's a bit far fetched, in my opinion. He can say he needs more mid corner grip, but he won't tell the engineer how to get that. His advantage was that he was able to get himself surrounded by capable people, like Todt, Brawn, etc.
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  12. Schumi walking into the aero-department screaming
    "neeein neeein neeein diz iz all vrong guyz, the bargeboardz should have diz shape"
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  13. one thing is for sure. He wouldnt have yapped back at his critics after the very first race! ;),but thats Michael ..the 7xWDC,not Lewis the 7xBagel Champion. Talking back to Sterling Moss and Jackie Steward!..ha what a joke...silence Vettel and Alonso first before u pick on old gizzers

    When is this guy gona grow up,hmm?
  14. Seven time bagel champion? Oh my god you made my day lol :D Lewis has matured enough by the way. It still baffles me the amount of stick he still gets. He is one of the quickest drivers of all time and he has been awe inspiring in formula one. It's time to give him some credit I think hmm?
  15. Hamilton has always been fiercely competitive. Raised in a working-class part of England, obsessed with cars even as a toddler, he graduated to go-karts at age five when his dad bought a used one for 300 Pounds. He won his first six races. "I was blessed with the ability to understand how cars move," he explains. "You know how in 'The Matrix,' he can see the matrix? When I'm driving, I see the lines."
  16. One has never had a strong teammate in his career and the other he has already matched.
    But people still won´t recognize that feat as something that we probably never will see in F1 again.

    (edit i take that back regarding strong teammate, there was one time he had one...)
  17. My money is still on Vettel or Alonso with Kimi as backup. I need to see LH start beating these 3 guys this season before I fall for all of his hype. Good luck to all of them! :)
  18. Sorry, but I think you forgot how meticulous MSC was. He was the only one who tested every day, drove round after round after round just with one goal: to get the best out of the car. For me this is what is meant with this "myth".
  19. Also love how people say Hamilton should "prove himself"..
    Really? Let´s look at the teammates of the other guys and see if anyone except Alonso has truly "proved" themselves.

    Hamilton - 2 time champ (Alonso) - 1 time champ (Button) - Kovalainen - Rosberg.

    Alonso - Marques - Yoong - Trulli - 1 time champ (Villeneuve (2 races) - Fisichella - Hamilton - Piquet Jr - Grosjean

    Raikkonen - Heidfeld - Coulthard - Montoya - Wurz - de la Rosa - Massa - Badoer - Fisichella - Grosjean

    Vettel - Heidfeld - Liuzzi - Bourdais - Webber
  20. Sorry, but we've all seen him "developing" the Mercedes the last 3 years. That's what I call a myth buster. Developing a racing car is far more than going round and saying what it's good or bad. De la Rosa can do that and nobody gives him any credit whatsoever. So why should we all praise the mighty Schumacher for this? I don't want to start anything, that is just my opinion. The thing is everybody said MSC is winning because Ferrari is so much faster than anything else. So this myth was invented. Schumacher has plenty of other qualities as a racing driver, but this is just exaggerated in my view.