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Misc JeSuisEduard (minimalist HD UI not longer avaiable) [Deleted]

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Mods' started by David Dominguez, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. David Dominguez submitted a new resource:

    rFactor 2 Minimalist HD UI - Brand new minimalist HD user interface for rFactor 2

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

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  3. Very Nice, a new 2014 look and level for rF2. :thumbsup: keep it up...

    Only thing missing is where to put my setup notes ? or am I overlooking this feature ?
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  4. This is awesome thank you, but when I want to change race settings how does it register ? For example, when I change time of start it doesn't save...
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  5. They are missing, but don't worry I will add them in a next update.

    For me it is working fine and I didn't hear of anyone else with this issue, check if it is really a UI issue or something else.
  6. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Great mod looks fantastic
    Thank you for sharing :)
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
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  7. It really doesn't change, I wanted to try a night race and it doesn't work... although I changed it to 11H00 pm. I tried with the old one UI and it worked.
  8. Great job, Eduard. It's definitely a big improvement over ISI's UI!

    I have a few notes:

    The vehicle class is not visible in the Live Timing screen. This is a problem in various situations.

    In the new karts mod, the "Idle Throttle" setup (from ISI's Garage > General screen) is named "Brake map" in the Minimalist UI.

    I don't know if you can only skin ISI's UI or if you can add features, but if you can, there's a couple of them I would love:

    Highlight the current track's folder and the Received folder (when displayed) in the setups list. The * doesn't really help locating the current track's and even Received can be hard to find when you have lots of tracks. It would be great if you could display their names in red permanently, or maybe in yellow when they're not selected to differentiate them from the currently selected one.

    It would also be great to have the option to sort the setups by modification date, in addition to sorting them by track name.

    Thanks for that mod, and keep up the great work!
  9. Are you sure you changed "race" time? And not "practice" time? Because it is working for me.:)

    Great stuff @Eduard Mallorquí !
    It takes a while to find everything. But it's looking good. Like it a lot!

    The vehicle class is indeed not visible in the Live Timing screen.

    And more difficult one to fix: ;)
    Some kart specific options: like ackerman, sidepot bars, ... Are not in the setup menu. Or maybe i can't find them. :x3:

  10. I set the start time at 11h30 pm for a race it works, but for practice it does not. Then I gone to the old UI and it worked in practice. So why doesn't it work for practice ?
  11. Naish


    Doesn't install here: it says: Unable to verify file. What do I wrong?
  12. David Dominguez updated rFactor 2 Minimalist HD UI with a new update entry:

    rFactor 2 Minimalist HD UI

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  13. Thanks for the update!

    Couple of remarks about the setup notes:

    Since the NOTES button has to be clicked for the notes to be visible, it'd be cool to display an icon (or something), next to the name of the setups that have a note.

    Also, clicked buttons have no "active" state. It's not a huge problem in the garage screens, for example, where you can determine by looking at the contents of the screen which button (TIRES, SUSPENSION, ENGINE AND DRIVETRAIN, etc.) has been clicked (or if you have very good eyes by noticing the slight difference of the tab's background color). But in the case of the NOTES button, it's not that simple. Try this:

    1. select a setup that has no notes
    2. click the NOTES button, but don't type a note
    3. go run a few laps and forget that you clicked the NOTES button
    4. come back to the monitor and look at the Setups area: why is it empty? (remember you forgot step 2)
    5. try clicking VEH/ALL: nothing happens
    6. try clicking DEFAULT: nothing happens
    7. it's only when you click NOTES that the setups list appears again.

    If the NOTES button (and all other two states buttons and tabs, for that matter) had a more visible active state (i.e. its name remained displayed in red, for example), it would remove that source of confusion and be much more user friendly.

    Anyway, thanks again for that great mod and keep it up!
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  14. Anyway you could make a version for the developer mode if you have the time please ?
  15. This is absolutely incredible! I'm using it since the release and I love it. There's only one thing that I miss or I just can't find where it is - compare setups option.
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  16. Yes, vehicle class is not visible, only the teams when you use the expanded view of the Live Timing.

    I'm aware of that some names of setup settings will be wrong depending on which vehicle you are on but it is going to be like this for a while, I don't have plans to change it.

    And about your last note, no, I cannot add those features.

    The first thing cannot be done, about the second one I will take it into consideration.

    Just copy the core.mas (and extract the core.osc from it) and place them to ModDev/Options/Core/. Same with the uimaps.mas (extract the ui.osc from it) and place them to ModDev/Options/ModMode/.

    It is not implemented, maybe in the future I will make a bigger garage pages and manage to use that function but right now there isn't space enough to make it work properly.
  17. This should be the official menu!
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  18. Thank you very much!
  19. Rainmaker

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Thanks for the great UI and the new version. Just one thing: I´m missing a skip session button in training/quali sessions.
  20. Great updates, great you listen to us.

    I'm only missing the replay time or current lap when playing a replay. Or am I overlooking it ?
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