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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Interesting what you say - maybe because real life is also full of bugs and mistakes, they feel more like at home ;)
  2. Could be.. I have to say from my own part that real life tracks gets my attention easier and i'm more willing to try them out. But the experience is usually poor unless it's high quality release, like VLM tracks that are just beautiful and well made.. Real life tracks can be released and accepted at a stage where fantasy tracks would be at early beta or less.. And bugs really are accepted more easily IRL than fantasy, the latter has to be almost perfect.
  3. Maybe the issue is legitimacy. With these games being sims, people may not want to drive around a track that someone's just made up. That's why I try to base my fictional tracks on some real location.
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  4. I would do tracks in my surroundigs but since i live above the 60 lat, i get no data... :oops:

    Fortunately they should release Finnish digital maps at the summer.
  5. @ Kennett - did you try to grab the path you could drive with a gps device? I tried it and got excellent results. Once I went to some roads around my hometown - I took the path from road I was driving, imported to GE, updated with 3DRoute Builder... Even if these GE lattitudes are not perfect, I was surprised with the results. And I must say that Poland is rather badly photographed in GE. My device can create a point in every second, so with a speed around 30 km/h I got a point in every 9-10 meters. Maybe even too many of them ;)
    Since I also made some "onboards", photos and drove the route couple times both directions, I could make the track very accurate according to documentation I had.
  6. No such possibility, don't own a car or a GPS device... not even a camera..
  7. I may try creating Croft Circuit in Yorkshire, my imagination is blocking me from creating fantasy tracks, its funny that i'm sure everyone has their idea of a perfect track but still.
  8. I think for racing circuits - Google Earth could be enough if you gather some more information like exact length of track (you can resize in BTB), the width, some photos and videos from Internet etc. This way I was working on a real rallycross track from Poland (it was at very beginning of my trackbuilding, so I abandoned the project - today I would do it completely different way, but I have more "serious" things to do ;) )
    For me - the more important thing than "recreating" the real world is still playability. Another thing is that nobody can create every piece of grass, stone or pothole again, isn't it?
  9. I got my sights on Dades Gorge, it's just an awesome piece of road.. ;)
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  10. ebrich


  11. Funny, i never got DQ... The pit exit arrow might well be on the wrong direction, that's something i just don't know how to do.. But then, about 1/3 of addon tracks shows that arrow in the wrong direction so it's pretty common thing... It would be nice to know how to do that correctly..
  12. ebrich


    In the .aiw file under "waypoints" - 13th down - "LeftHandedPits=0" - set value 0 or 1.
    Set to "0" arrow points Right.
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  13. All my pits are on the right side and it is so in that WIP too so it should work.. But no, if you're on for ex pitbox 1, it can be correct and on pitbox 6 it can point to wrong direction, it's been like that in all of my tracks.. I thought that it is the direction where the nearest waypoint is located... I have to check that.
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  14. ebrich


    And I thought, at least that part of track building, could take care of itself!! Like, change the direction of the drive/pitlane and the little man/arrow would change auto.
  15. What for are the texture0.jpg, texture1.jpg, texture2.jpg and texture3.jpg used that btb exports with the track to the rf track folder? Are those files supposed to be replaced with my own and what is their purpose? I tried searching the forums but only results that came were related to sketchup...
  16. Corner markers and pit arrow are produced by the game. There's an article on how to do cornermarkers, they are basically spesialized x-gates: a one-sided face with two tris, colliding with it it triggers an action marked by an corresponding instance. Please, anyone correct any typos an that sentence, it's about as complex one that i can produce...

    And the question here is: to what conditions do the pitarrow react to? As i'm writing this, i haven't checked if that "lefthandedpits=0" really is the key but if it was made by me, it would point to the nearest xpitout.gmt..
  17. Seeing as it's modders & BTB forum is the most active with the old download section, I figured it's best to ask this here....
    How much longer until the Download section returns to Race Department?
    Will all the old Downloads return or will they need to be re-posted?
  18. No body here knows... Try asking from feedback&support

    I've started collecting old threads that have important info on the first post of this thread... Since the forum update, all the ols links are not functional.. At the same time, the first post serves as a database for tutorials that can be added to SimTrackipedia.
  19. Download section is back.
    No section for BTB stuff as far as I can see though.....
    Im sure that will soon be rectified though,
    Thank You tireless hard working staff at RD! :D