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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Nice, we got our own forum, no more under modding ;)
  2. We're freeeeeeeeee
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  3. Multimaterial test, sorry about no sound and crappy quality.. There's about 80% lgroad and 20% b1road:

    Edit: crappy youtube suggested music added and crappy youtube effect used. I still suggest to turn the volume donw.
  4. whoa.. stunning.. never mind "Making tracks".. imagine that developed enough so u can literally just go a drive it.. the whole planet.. including road surface physics, weather.. I often thought basing games in something like gearth would be amazing. any game not just driving sims. That video the graphics are getting close to what is already in games today.

    Yes its a shame apple got their nasty mitts on it. Anything of real value these days are hijacked then patented. grr
  5. Doesn't necessarily mean we won't get to use it somehow, though. Google Earth (etc) is also surrounded by a cloud of patents, but it still has its uses. And Apple - keen on copyright as they may be - does have projects that also been donated back into the open source community, like Darwin and Webkit, and they know very well that to make this some kind of standard - hence multiplatform - they'll have to open it up to some degree. So I get your point, but don't despair yet ;)
  6. And we've been caught again :(
  7. Yep, too few users to justify a place on the front page.
  8. howdy, came accross some new incar footage of some really nice rally routes.
    Perhaps somone may take up the challannge of producing one or more of these for RBR.. or whenever I get around to using btb again I might try one of them myself.
    Sardinia 2011 - Loeb SS12

    7° Rally Ronde Dolomiti 2012

    Petter Solberg Col de Turini Onboard - SS12 WRC

    I would really love to drive sardinia... what a route
  9. This is pretty "heart in the mouth" stuff... Just imagine being a passenger during this fantastic drive.
    Vid is oldish, and bad quality, but its one of the best tarmac drives ive seen (in car footage)
    Ari Vatanen onboard Isle of Man
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  10. Should we put all tutorials under one address too? I have plenty of space left that was reserved for XPacks here http://cream.galleria.fi/BTB/Tutorials/

    That reminds me, haven't checked or contributed to SimTrackipedia in ages.. For all that don't know the place, Google it. Run by the same people you see here, it's a wiki so contributing is easy, it has image upload too (AFAIK).
  11. SimTrackipedia has 300MB of storage space but I think since they provide the site for free and without ads it's better to use other sites like photobucket for storing images, unless they are tiny like the BTB icon images.
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  12. MediaFire gives you 50 GB free.
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  13. Unfortunately Mediafire has a limit as to the size of the file itself making it a pain for transferring some Xpacks....:(
    Brilliant service in every other respect though!:thumbsup:
  14. for Race07, possibly applies to all gmotor titles. Thought i shared this tiny insignificant info.

    Just noticed: changes to existing data causes online mismatches but addition to it doesn't. Stumbled on another huge bug, this time well used old Hungaroring. There were garage slots for 6 teams and 3 driver per team.. What does that mean? Those who got unlucky garageslots 17-35 were spawn in the location (0,0,0) that resides 200m outside track from last turn. So i just copid the teams 01-8 and renamed them to 9-16, that'll make the slots 17-35 to share garages with 01-16 (there is one unused slot..). This fix didn't cause online mismatch.. I thought AIW, GDB etc had to be 100% identical but it seems it only checks if the data is different than what server has and doesn't check anything else...

    Also the track had 16 gridslots but Race07 has grid autogenerate activated, that's nice....

    Does anyone remember what slot was used for safety car position in Race07 AIW? It's not the same that rF uses, i have a faint memory of it being the last garageslot.. That would be somewhat logical since the game often has even number of garageslots but odd number of gridslots...
  15. TeamIndex=51 if i remember right Kennett :)

    The addition thing is definetly interesting, so would it be possible to add more surfaces in the specialfx.tec? like snow, gravel, concrete, cobblestone,... :)
  16. Hmm, race doesn't use tdf so that's a no. Other titles, i don't know, have zero experience about tdf edit.
  17. youre right with the tdf thing, but race07 uses a file with the name specialfx.tec where all material information is written. if it is possible to add something to this file without getting missmatches, like you said with the gdb, aiw etc., then we could add different materials to the game, like a concrete surface or so. hope i remember this tomorrow and try this out... :)
  18. Oh yeah, i confused tdf with tec, tec is where the main material definitions are and is hadrdcoded in race07.. I do now remember faintly that tec could be used in race.. this really is interesting, i was almost knocked down from the seat when i saw that server didn't kick me out, i mean, really shocked, waited for a sync to come and kick me out but no, 5 minutes, i can still drive on track... There were no one else in the server but i don't think this has anything to do with server/client connections...

    Too bad i know too little to test it right away... It would be too good to be true.. I'm sceptic that it works but it must be tested. I can test can other files handle additions, that much i can do, so far AIW and garageslot addition is confirmed, so let's not get our hopes up (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, thsi would so great!).. Tomorrow, now i'm gonna watch some good movie.. Suggestions?

    Incidentally i got a huge mod in preparation, i planned to convert Race07 to arcade, just for fun.... new materials.. wow..
  19. i edited the specialfx in my locations folder in several ways, but it had no effect on anything... 3 possibilities:
    1. the specialfx from the race07 archive is always taken first
    2. the decrypted specialfx is not recognized by the game (but i can only edit the decrypted one, the other one is just gibberish :) )
    3. i am to stupid for this :D

    if anyone has better ideas... ill keep dreaming of new materials :)
  20. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    When i try to open a track (*.scn-file) in 3dsimed it fails sometimes.
    It says: "An invalid argument was encountered"
    I need this program to indentify objects, for i have a track (Hunzering) which uses 3 layouts.