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General Discussion

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Racedepartment got new logos, for those in a hurry, you can grab them here (in RDGTC logo pack) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WVG4TL28

    I was complaining a while ago about the key combo "shift+y" being an awkward one, a real strain. The answer has been all the time staring at me.. I use JoyToKey in FPS games for crouch and grenades, i've remapped both pedals to make a keypress.. And there is easy profile selection in that small wonderful program.. So i made a new profie and assigned brake to "Y" and throttle to "Shift".. Just figured that out, haven't tested but it could be the salvation i've been looking for...
  2. Just noticed, new forum doesn't have category anymore, made all the old WIP tracks now oddly. Hard to see which track the project is made for.
  3. A little bit disappointed how the votes went but i guess it doesn't matter to regular racer where the track came from... maybe i should buy 3dsimed and do conversions only..
  4. ebrich


    I wouldn't be too disappointed ,if I was you, as I think most track builders are constructors not politicians.
    I for one would certainly wish to thank you, amongst others, for keeping this forum alive and putting in a lot of time in doing so.
    Buy 3dsimed, its another great software in line with BTB and Blender, but use it to help the build as well as convert.
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  5. Get ready for a barrage of totally stupid questions! :p Just got demo to try out.

    Why when I create a track and even if I put my pitlane on the circuit (not even a separate piece of tarmac) does the car spawn in the grass and sink into the grass?

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  6. Last question 1st; your terrain has probably not been marked drive-able -either in the terrain building box OR in the materials settings (that caught me out once before....)
    1st question last; have you allocated your garage position to where you want rather than it being placed automatically?
    Best of luck!
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  7. Those two last posts are the excact reason why this community is great. I think i can remember Lee asking that question too and now we can see the payout. Nice...

    Dan: Have you created HAT? You need to export to GTR2/GTL, load the track in GTR2 Open practice (no need to drive thou) it will create HAT (Height Above Terrain, it defines the driveable terrain that the tires react to..). Then quit GTR2, go to BTB and press "copy HAT". Then you get a working track.I sent you a GTR2 license, check your PM.
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  8. EDIT: Just seen Kennett's post, and no, dont have any of them :p
    EDIT again, thanks for PM.

    My original post anyway was....

    Still does it after many combinations.

    All of the boxes are ticked in the terrain properties and im using the default pack (no expansion/ XPack).

    I placed the garage myself because the program placed it where the track is walled off :p

    The garage slots are on the grass (the stuff that is created when you click terrain) (BTW im not being sarcastic with that, just want to make sure im clicking the right things and there isnt a 'create floor/grass object' button somewhere :p)....... I tried placing the slots on the track but that just made the car spawn miles away from the track in 'the black' :S

  9. lol, check you PM again, forgot to press send..
  10. Couple more things while im waiting for downloads, for pitlanes or other sections of track am I correct in thinking that you create a open point track but how do you stop it glitching where the game/program cant decide which one to show and flickers between them?
  11. There are several option of how to create pits. The easiest is to use terrain for temporary pits. Switch to 3D view (press "3"), then cycle to wireframe+materarials (press "W" twice). Click the terrain tool, then "Materials" tab. Select the area you need for pits (Keep "Shift" pressed while selecting. Click the texture screen that probably shows grass, locate "Road" materials (remember to uncheck "Ground only") and assign new material. This works best with terrain that has been auto generated flat or by "Click&Drag", as the terrain needs to be flat for pits to work correctly... For ex. Alpine Hills pits are actually terrain..

    When you check Cicada files that i've sent you, there is another method used. It uses multiple materials in the "road" surface, ie the actual road is widened to cover the pits.. I suggest terrain method for starters, AIW autogeneration is simpler that way...
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  12. Cannot create HAT because;

    GTR2 will not let me activate it (The 'internet' button is greyed out) and I dont know any other way you are supposed to do it.

    GTL: Starforce Driver (Win7)

    driving me around the bend :mad:
  13. Would it just be easier to download GTL from the RR site and pay the 10euros?
  14. heh, probably... I don't remember how but i did manage to register GTR2 via activation code...
  15. When you narrow/widen the track how can you get the track to go in only at 1 side of the road rather than 'pinching' the track in the middle?

    Thanks again,
  16. You can forget the "Track width" tool, it's mostly useless... For ex, AIW autogeneration follows the original track width.. Better to do it with "Shape" tool, it's in the "Track Surfaces" screen. You need to master that tool anyway, the whole road surface is made with that: overall bumbiness (randomness), indvidual bumbs, half-track cambers, materials. It's actually one of the most versatile tools in BTB, right after "Wall". You can make track boundary collision walls, cliffaces (check this) pretty much anything..

    For ex. All you see in this picture is made with the track copy + shape tool: (not indivual objects, of course..)

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  17. Kennett that looks fantastic, is it done for example by creating lots of track cross-sections, the outer ones rock ---> Then grass ---> Then Gravel ---> Then cobble ---> Then tarmac. Rather than just create the track then add rock objects in later.

    .....and now its time for my daily question! :p :S

    See here;

    I looked around the internet and on Simtrackpedia and found how to create different sections of material like above but how can you separate heights.

    e.g. As in the picture my tarmac had the section of white in it for the strip in the road but I couldnt lower the strip for the country road or delete that strip of material on that section only. I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks guys....and gals :p

    EDIT: After many hours of youtubing :p I found fron Piddys vids that basically create 3 or 4 near each other for it not to spead :)
  18. ebrich


    Hi Daniel Me thinks you hope in vain. You need another texture image on that section of your road, one without white strip. But I don't understand what you mean by "separate heights"?
  19. I have to say, now that i've done some events with RD.. Fantasy tracks don't gather drivers. You see more participation on poorly made buggy real-life tracks than highly detailed fantasy tracks.. Just a warning to all builders, if dont get access to some good data, you are pretty much alone.