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Skins FULL Formula 1 grid 2016 1.7

F1 2016 season grid for the Formula A cars

  1. I followed the step by step tutorial on how to install the Liveries but I must be missing something.
    I first unpacked Custom Liveries tool to pCars steam folder (...\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\pCars)
    After that I unpacked Formula 1 grid 2016 1.0 to ...\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\pCars\Vehicles\_Custom Liveries\formula_a.
    Next I started pCars_Custom_Liveries.ink.
    Then I selected Formula A > Load Button > ...\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\pCars\Vehicles\_Custom Liveries\formula_a
    Column New Liveries got populated with 16 lines, one for each F1 2016 Pilot.
    Then I pressed ">>". Then with nothing selected I pressed Assign Liveries.
    But as soon as I press that button Custo Livery Tool closes.
    Wheh I start pCars there is no changes for the Formula A cars skins and the Livery slot is the traditional white car.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  2. Hello,

    Do not unpack my (Formula 1 grid 2016 1.0 folder) to the main Project Cars folder, just unpack it to your desktop.
    Open the (pCars_Custom_Liveries tool) - find the formula a liveries - remove the standard formula a liveries - then you open my folder (formula_a) select all - assign - export.

    Hope this will help,

  3. Pereira, thanks but it didn't help.
    Maybe I'll try to unpack Custom Liveries again and try it from the begining.
  4. Superb liveries, thank you, Derick!
    Can you please update the Ferrari skin with new Ray Ban logos on the nose? Like it is run nowadays.
    Moreover, would it be possible to add the drivers from free practices and in season tests? I can provide a list of them with names, teams, numbers, I'll do some research tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance and keep up your great work!
    Cheers, Reiche
  5. Hello Reiche,
    Thank you very much!! I will update all car liveries very soon.
    "Moreover, would it be possible to add the drivers from free practices and in season tests?"
    I don't understand what you mean, please explain.
    Derick Pereira
  6. Something like
    Stoffel Vandoorne #47 McLaren
    Jordan King #42 Manor
    Pascal Wehrlein #23 Mercedes
    Esteban Ocon #24 Mercedes
    Alex Lynn #41 Williams
    Charles Leclerc #32 Ferrari
    Sergei Sirotkin #46 Renault
    Pierre Gasly #15 Red Bull
    Nikita Masepin #34 Force India
    Santino Ferrucci #51 Haas
    Sergio Sette Camara #38 Toro Rosso

    These additional drivers took part in the in-season test this week in Silverstone

    I would love to see these as additions for a "fuller real grid" when racing with more than 22 cars. There is no real need for these, of course, but I'd be very thankful if you add them (if it's not too much work because of scratch made fonts or something like that)

    Found a few more:
    Esteban Ocon #45 Renault
    Alfonso Celis #34 Force India
    Pierre Gasly #38 Toro Rosso
    Antonio Fuoco #31 Ferrari

    One last wish:
    Jules Bianchi #17 Ferrari maybe? *wiping a small tear from my eye*
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
  7. Hello Reiche,
    now I know what you mean,
    I'm working on the current drivers livery updates,
    After that I'm going to add the test drivers also, why not.
    Derick Pereira
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  8. Awesome mod..thank you!
    I have one question...I installed the skins as per your instructions above but the names of the drivers are not those of the F1 teams...is there a way to fix this?

  9. Hello Anthony,

    Thanks! Do you mean inside the game menu (select car)
    or in-game race results?
  10. i use this custom livery tool but after i assign the livery, in game the livery just red color how to fix that? I did step by step how the tutorial, I'm desperate help me!!!
  11. Hello derik_pereira

    even if I run step by step with the program to put your livery, at the end when I go on the game I will see all red (as picture below). HELP ME please!!!

    f1 2016.jpg
  12. Hello Savohk41,

    Maybe you should check the following formula_a folders, there should be 22 cars.
    • Project CARS - (The folder you made with the pCars_Custom_Liveries tool) - vehicles - textures - CustomLiveries - formula_a
    • Project CARS - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries - formula_a
  13. Hi Derick

    After checking the folders as you told me, the livery finally get to see.
    Thank you very much for your availability.
    Beautiful skin I'm having a great time. :cool:
  14. Good to know and thank you very much!
  15. Awesome job with the custom liveries- I have a dumb question XD

    I replaced all the liveries for FA and I do like some of the original liveries so, is it possible to keep the original and add the ones from this package? I know it's possible, I'm asking is it possible without creating conflicts with other drivers liveries loading in different than what they actually chose?

    Also, if I already replaced is there a way to return everything to default without erasing and re-installing the entire game?