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FPES S4 - Round 1: Interlagos - Feb 10th, 2010

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Race details to be announced
    Flyer by Douglas Aird:veryhappy:
  2. Race details:
    Practice: 60 minutes - starts at 19pm GMT
    Practice start - starts 19.58 pm GMT
    Qualify: 20 minutes - starts 20 pm GMT (see countdown at PrestoGP.com)
    Warm-up: 4 minutes
    Race length: 50 laps

    Dry and about 27 degrees

    Special considerations:
    The whole event:
    Chat as much as you want in the practice session and during the warm-up, but please refrain from doing so during qualify and race, even though you might be angry about something that have happened!
    Interlagos is a very short track and there is a high risk of commotion. With 25 cars on the track simultaneously there will be on average less than 3 seconds between each car. Therefore it is important that we all follow the same guidelines:

    - When leaving pits, be certain that you do not join the track with someone close behind you, nor ahead of you.
    - If you have a faster guy close behind you on your outlap (also leaving the pits), let him pass you unless the gap is large enough to maintain it until
    you are done.
    - Do not stay on track if your lap is compromised unless you know you will not get in anybody’s way.

    If everybody follows these guidelines this should work out well, but as soon as one driver forgets himself there might be a small domino effect.

    - There will be no restart of the race, so please take extreme caution off the start line and into the first turns.
    - Throughout the race, do not make any risky moves. A clean race is the ultimate achievement.
    - Stay within the white lines at all times. Constantly running wide is not acceptable, and the same goes for corner cutting.
  3. To avoid any confusion (or is it too late?) we (Euro/Presto) define the white line as part of the racing track. Most of you already know this, but to avoid misunderstandings, you are ok as long as two wheels are in contact with the white line.
  4. Hy,
    For the pit
    The speed limiter (60km/h) is at the green flare?
    This question look silly, but the track is bugged.

  5. The pit entry line is a little bit further then the pit light (at the Sao Paulo sign). I recommend everybody test it out and to know where the entry begins. Saves alot of time. :)
  6. GLA

    First race of the European Series and I wish you all a jolly good time of it. :cool:

    Personally, I feel a little under prepared for this event but will be excited nonetheless to see the whole field together for the first time. Not sure if I have all your skins installed, so name tags may have to do...

    CU there...
  7. Try out the PrestoGP Updater mate, it should do the trick ;)
  8. I see the Penaltys are out for the FPWS, makes sobering reading!..... Lets try and raise standards a little and show (an unusual word for racing:rolleyes:) some restraint!.... good luck to all:thumbup:
  9. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Just taken a look at it, in the pro division it's not bad comparing to the semi pro, I have to take a look at that race.
  10. Have fun tonight guys and good luck. :smile:
  11. i hope to finish 50 laps without a crash of my PC this time ehehehheh :D
  12. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    I saw this video and thought it would be nice to watch b4 todays race.

  13. i've already seen this video it's awesome! :D
  14. Have fun guys today!!! :)
  15. Good look. Game has thrown out me on warm time (((((((((((((((((
  16. Well firstly let me appologise incase i was an inconvenience to anyone on the track.:frown:

    On race start i lost all force feedback:mad:
    after my second dose of lag for the night im pretty sure i made contact wi werner just going into the s's, appologies mate.
    Then in all my fluster of it all i forgot to set my repairs in the pits and ended up doing the equivilent of a stop n go, i then pitted again at the end of lap 2 to try again and was so frustrated and trying to rush i did the same again:mad: and also recieved a stop n go for speeding in the pits:mad::mad: at that point i decided that tonight just wasnt ment to be and quit.

    Sorry again if i got in anyones way, im off to cry in the corner now....... all that practice sob sob........:frown::frown::frown:
  17. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Div 1

    Qualy: P15 - it was another tight qualy once again, and i managed to get P15 to my suprise.

    Race: Well this is were I am a bit p***** at my luck, looking at the replay there is a spin up ahead, I brake gently to allow the guys behind me not to be suprised, I go and touch the crash (making soft contact) but Dinca followed by Jim they do a cascade effect and cripple my car. I tried carrying on but the car was undriveble even to get to the pits. So that was it didn't even make it 1 lap specially when I had such great stradegy :wink:.

    Looking at the incident I have to say it was just a racing incident, no harsh feeling to anyone.
  18. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Great q guys i just dropped it going into t1 3 , 4 laps in, cyas next 1:cool:
  19. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    div 2
    gd quali i thought with a 12th. but race i found i was going to hard on my tires and my fuel was going down to quick and well i made some mistakes and put it in the wall ( so very tired and aint even lait).
  20. Was doing well positioned just outside the top 10. Start went badly. I was trying to be cautious into T1 but the guys behind me were in a rush, so suspension damage was my prize.

    Then I dropped it while worrying about a guy trying to lap me etc etc. Eventually had a good race going with Clarke even though it was just to unlap myself.

    Somewhere I got smacked from behind again as I went wide out of the last corner and lifted off. Lost rear wing etc. Lukily the pit was right there.

    Tings picked up again and I was looking good for may p11 when all of a sudden my screen goes black and then I'm on my desktop looking at the stupid PrestoGP updater skin conflict popup... AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

    Crashed out since I couldn't see where I was going. Luckily I was on my own at the time or else I could have taken someone out.

    Oh well. The next race will be better and I did have fun.

    I'll check my replay later to see what unwitting destruction I caused (for which I appologise in advance).

    Night guys.