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Cars Formula Renault 3.5 2014 Season 1.1

Formula Renault 3.5 mod for Assetto Corsa by Virtua Simulazioni

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  1. Grande !
    big thanks !
    any time soon the 2015 version ?
  2. 2015 car is the same afaik.
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  3. yeah i beleive so.. maybe just the skins are different
    the mod is just super top ! sounds are amazing and it feels very accurate for a race car. this is an artwork . now it time to think of a competetive league with it.
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  4. I'm sure someone will be knocking out the 2015 cars before long :)
  5. I'm not seeing how to submit a review... this is worth it. Wonderful open-wheel car!
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  6. ^click on "read more about this resource" to expand the page; the "rate the mod" button will then be accessible at the bottom.
    took me a while to find that also.
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  7. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Can somebody help me
    the car doesnt want to load it sends me back to the summary menu
    help plzzzz i really want to have this car
    i waited for years
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  8. grab the update , install and we will go from there :)
  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    The best.
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  10. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    still doesnt work
  11. Awesome mod guys. Hands down the best open wheel mod in AC and surely Top 3 overall, even though at the moment I can't think of a better overall mod at all.

    Since you guys are obviously experts at this,. I wanted to run the AI problem by you. I know you inherit the AI from AC and there is not a lot you can do with it. The AI in this mod is actually pretty good based on a single Nurburgring GP race I have done so far. Lap times of the cars at 95% are actually close to the real life lap times, about 1 or 2 seconds overall. Laptime spread could be better. My qualification has a spread of about 2 seconds overall. RL in 2014 was about 3.6 seconds. A larger variation in lap times to reflect RL would make for more fun races without needing to fine tune the AIs too much and eliminating the train effect.

    The one thing that absolutely drives me crazy about AI and not just in AC, but in AC seems to be worse than elsewhere is how the AI drive against the other cars and me, the SP driver in particular.

    While BTTC a bump here and there is actually not only admissible but part of the racing, in Open WHeels touching cars at al is a big no no.

    If I go on the inside of an AI in a turn, the AI drives as if we had GT cars.
    If I make a small mistake at the exit of a turn I can count on one or more AI on my back on my racing line trying to run me over and often time succeeding in sending all of us off track on the straight.

    It seems to me that the "Prime Directive" of any Open Wheel AI driver should be "Do not touch thy opponent car". If it was RL, hardly any car would finish a race without missing bits of carbon fibers all over the place.

    For instance, in a race I just did with your excellent mod, I came out of the Back straight Chicane before the pits at the Nurburgring GP track a bit slower due to some wheelspin. Not slow enough that anyone could capitalize with a pass, but the car directly behind me gained, and gained and gained until its nose was under my wing and it kept on pushing. Eventually both our cars ended up sideways off track.

    There has to be a way to obviate that without making the AI too wimpy and easy to scare away.
    GTR2 didn't have the best AI, but I don't recall its AI doing these kind of things.

    Even the sound the cars make when suffering a lateral impact is one that a GT car would make. I am cool with trading paint in full bodied cars, to a point, but in Open Wheeler everyone, the AI and the player should be horribly penalize for any contact and the AI should try to react like a real driver. Rather lose a position that grind the car's bodywork into chunks.

    What do you guys think? Is there a way to better the AI in this game or will we always have to race against the AI with the fear of being taken out NASCAR style in such a unrealistic way?

    I'd love to hear your opinion and please understand this is in no way a criticism of your mod. I just think that anyone able to produce such a professional product should be able to give me a more informed response than some yahoo on Reddit.

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  12. the car is appearing in the menu right? at least visually?
  13. I personally adjusted AI, sadly there is no more margin from our side. We can only adjust how the AI drives around the tracks (how late they brake, how early they turn, how much they rely on aero grip, if they have extra grip, etc) but the way they race is what it is, there is no way for a modder to adjust that. If you are very concerned regarding AI, I recommend you to post your experience on the official AC forum, so devs can actually read your experience.
  14. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Yeah it's in the Select Car menu .
    But when I try to drive it. The car loads for 3 seconds and then it will go back to the Summary Menu
  15. Just to add to my review. I love the sound and the perfect balance on the LED lighting on the wheel. Great Mod. My new favorite open wheeler by far. Great job. :thumbsup:
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  16. Thank you so much for the reply. I totally understand your limitations as modders in regard to the AI. I didn't think it was possible for you to do much other than what you already described.

    Most definitely this is something the guys at Kunos need to take a good look at. I firmly believe that overall the aggression of the AI in close racing situation should be reduced, but in Open WHeel should be reduced accordingly to the type of racing.

    In full bodied GT cars or Protos it is annoying and costly to have your bodywork shredded in a racing incident and sometimes it can turn into a race ending incident. But in OW cars any contact is a race ending contact, except for a handful of situations.

    Don't get me wrong, I do want aggressive AI. With your bod at Nurburgring I am already at 98% AI in order not to walk away with P1. A bit more experience and a better setup and I'll be at 100% and then what? What about drivers that are much faster than me?

    No, I want a good aggressive AI just not one that intentionally pushes my car off track on the straights because they are 2mph faster.

    What I find puzzling is that at times I can tell the AI adjust their driving and slow down if they have no passing chance but they are faster. I don't know why they don't react to other cars the same everywhere. Very strange.

    Anyway, I have already posted on the main AC forum about this issue about a year ago. It is time for another post. The AI did get better, but they need to work on a Open WHeel AI edition where possible contact overrides any other directive. Maybe they should make the size of OW cars larger in the AI's minds and easily overcome the issue without a lot of fancy coding. That would be enough in a lot of situations and avoid the AI scooping your car off the track.

    Thank you for your expert opinion on the mater.
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  17. loading an official track?

    Sorry im just ticking some boxes here to begin with. Running SweetFX ? have the latest 1.2.2 AC installed? installed the fonts correctly? Cars folder looks like attached image ? Done a file verify on steam recently? Have you tried running the car in all 3 downforce packages as a practice and as a race? tried loading it in the showroom?

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  18. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Running Ac 1.2.2
    No sweetfx
    It appears in the showroom
    Tried all 3
    Practice mod too
    And tried on official tracks and modded tracks

    But the fonts stuff i don't know i just installed them into the Fonts Folder with WinRAR