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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by jimortality, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. jimortality


    I was a doubter, VR no way, who wants to sit with something on your head you look really silly! well, after buying a new pc last week and one of my gaming buddies going on about how brilliant vr is....................... I went and ****in bought one. Spur of the moment cheap brand new off ebay. Well I can't believe it I mean it's so hard to describe but it is the most amazing fantastic awesome thrilling experience I've ever had in sim racing. Words just can't explain it. Pcars Nordschleiffe in a Caterham was like well I mean.............. It's taken a few days to get used to it and I'm now in debt but fook it, this is what I've been waiting 38 years for. OMG and any other things lol. Yes it has a few problems which I'm sure will get sorted but if you're sitting on the fence then all I can say is do it!
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Out of curiosity, did you get the development kit or the retail version? Only ask because you say it was "cheap". The development kits are reasonably priced and there are a few new ones still floating around.
  3. jimortality


    No I got the retail version. Cheap as in cheaper than other eBay sellers and the official £499 price tag. I paid £463 which I thought was cheap.
  4. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Yeah that's a good buy, well done. I really need to upgrade a few other bits and pieces first (my steering wheel is badly out of date) but I'm still interested :)

    It's a shame you can't hire one out. I know that sounds silly but I've read so many reports of people not being able to shake the motion sickness that they sometimes suffer from it would be useful just to test it out and make sure I can adjust.

    Have fun! :thumbsup::)
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  5. jimortality


    Well the motion sickness is mild and it's getting less and less. I limit myself to 15 to 20 minute sessions then have a break. My mate got one a few weeks ago and he can manage 50 minutes now.
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  6. jimortality


    It would be nice to hear other Oculus/Vive owners comments about anything VR :)
  7. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Probably haven't had too many replies as there are dozens of arguments, for and against VR on here :)

    I'll probably end up going for a Vive, only because the system requirements are slightly more in my favour and the number of connections required is slightly less.

    As I mentioned above, there are new examples listed on EBay from owners who couldn't adjust to the motion sickness and so they are selling them.

    I suppose as a possible new owner the one thing I would be curious about is whether the games recognise both types of headset easily?

    Most games at the moment by default support Oculus (as that's been around longer of course).

    The one game changer may possibly be Sony with their VR headset. Don't know too much about it (PS4 only I assume) but at £349 and assuming it will have Sony's full support it could cause a bit of a headache to Oculus/Vive.

    I doubt I would be able to afford a Vive till October anyway so will be interesting to see how things develop :)
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  8. jimortality


    I was under the impression that the Vive had more connections and more wires to get tangled up in. I also heard it's not as comfortable as the rift due to it being heavier. I'm only going off videos I've seen plus the fact I associate HTC with smart phones plus my mate went for the rift plus it's £200 more expensive.
  9. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Yeah they both seem to have their pros and cons, I think if you wanted to use VR more for shoot 'em ups, the Vive at the moment is maybe your better bet as it comes with the VR style controllers, Oculus are aiming for around October time? I know the Oculus comes with an XBox style controller though. I like the idea of the front facing camera on the Vive which may be useful for making sure you don't walk into something!:roflmao: If you factor in the controllers and the little extras that probably accounts for the price difference a little :)

    The Rift requires HDMI 1.4 which I don't have, however I do have DisplayPort 1.2 for the Vive.

    The Vive also has the support of Steam which may or may not be a plus point.

    On the Oculus side they were the first to mass produce it, they set all the requirements and sorted all the problems and of course they now have the might of Facebook behind them as well. Also as I'm into 3D visual effects and graphics, and most FX companies are using the Rift in their studios. However that may be as the Rift got released first.

    Yes when I saw that HTC were making a VR headset the first thing I thought was "their a mobile company" but they seem to have done a very good job.

    Oh and I saw your post about getting it to work on Assetto Corsa, hope you're enjoying that experience as well :)

    EDIT: Hmmm, the HDMI requirements seems to vary, the Rift website says 1.3 but reviews say 1.4...
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  10. jimortality


    I'm getting it sorted on AC but I'm enjoying it more on Pcars which I'd deleted from my hard drive lol but with vr, it's a new world
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  11. I'm much more impressed with assetto corsa vr than project cars. on a monitor I thought project cars looked better but the clean crisp look of assetto seems better in vr.
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  12. I just got cheaper DK2 to test before invest in CV1.
    Even with all flows it is still huge improvement over flat monitors, no metter if you have 1,2,3 or 10. It is uncomparable.
    As for the motion sickness, dont go for 1st person shooters or anything that is controlling the camera by a controller or by animation - this will make you puke instantly. Games like racing titels or elite dangerous, that you have cockpit around you helps a lot to slowly build your "VR legs".
    For racing at the beggining choose more flat tracks with less elevations until you start geting used to it. And ofc, take a brake when feel uncomfortable.
    This is what is helping me to fight the motion sickness :)
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  13. jimortality


    Yes I agree and don't try the Nordschleiffe in a Caterham as that is trouble lol
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  14. Vive owner here and VR is a game changer. Yes the resolution is not where we would want it to be, But the immersion of being in the car makes up for the less than ideal graphics.

    Oh and I went Vive over CV1 purely for convenience. I was able to walk into a local store, plunk some moolah down and walk out of the store with a Vive unit right then and there, no waiting or no shipping hassles. The same could not be said about the CV1. The CV1 is still only available to me where I live via online orders and believe it or not once you factor in shipping and import duties, the CV1 would have been more expensive than the Vive was.

    Which is better, I don't know. I have only tried the Vive with Project Cars. I can tell you this, the Vive is not all that uncomfortable to wear. I have done hour long stints with the Vive and yes I am sweating in it, but it's not too bad. Once again the immersion of driving in the car makes up for any inconveniences. With all that said, it is a little frustrating knowing that only one game has bothered to support the Vive natively. Yes some of the other games are available via Revive, but I have this impression (perhaps I am wrong) that playing with Revive is not as good as if the game was supported natively.
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  15. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars


    I have a Vive myself and I bought it for both VR experiences (I have two kids) and for Simracing.

    It was fun because I received it nearly on the day Project Cars became officially supported.

    I said it on another forum: for me it was amazing and disapointing at the same time.

    Amazing because of the immediate immersion VR brings. I instantly started to move my hands to touch things in the virtual cockpit when I launched my first Project Cars session.

    But it was also disapointing because I was very rapidly missing pixels: anything far from the car felt low resolution and it was impossible for me to get rid of this feeling.

    I did some calculations and reached the outcome that the Vive or Rift display 1 million pixels images in front of each eye. I think it is just not enough for detailed games in large environments.

    For me VR is an amazing solution for sim racing but the way you appreciate it with this first generation of headsets will depend on how you can cope with the low details feeling of all objects that are far from the car.

    I still use a lot my Vive but for simracing, at this stage, I prefer my "normal" set-up. I have a pretty advanced one: multi-Gpu, 3+1 curved screens and sli display so of course it impacts my requirements to move to something else.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
  16. jimortality


    Wow you've got it all lol. I find the quality differs from track to track. I did nords in the Caterham and it looked great yet le mans in a lmp 1 didn't look quite so. Immersion is the key factor and it's unrivalled in my opinion.
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  17. Andrew what GPU do you have? You can always use dp to hdmi adapters if your hdmi is not up to the task. But if the hdmi is not up to the task I wonder if the GPU really have the power to run modern games.

    The display port option don´t work with the newer nVidia cards but that will likely be fixed in future driver updates. I think I tried it on 7970 as well and it didn´t work but can´t swear on that.

    The Vive do require more power sockets then the Rift. Otherwise they have pretty much the same requirements. I had less driver hassles with the Rift then the Vive but neither Oculus or HTC has done any compability testing it seems so it´s a bit the wild west.

    I got both running though ordered a inateck usb 3 card because my asmedia usb 3.0 is not liked by either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

    Not sure what to add but it truly feels like next generation of gaming. The resolution etc can be better for sure there is games outside of simulations I will run with my 2D monitor due to eye candy being more important then immersion but simracing and flightsimming is 100 % VR for me if there ever is a choice.

    I am confident I am not handicapped in simracing. For flight simming spotting is a problem because spotting small objects 2 km away is not an easy task with this pixel budget. Still I will never ever do flight sims in 2D so help me something that don´t exist because as awesome it´s for racing sims it´s even better for flight sims. But for competitive dog fighting being able to spot someone before he spots you is kind of crucial but I just don´t dare to go online among the aces anyway.

    Everybody will notice it but seeing 2-300 metres ahead to next corner is more then doable. I am certainly not handicapped for simracing. It sure make a lot of things easier but if you do 3000 laps around a track I am quite certain I will do the same times. I just find some pace quicker in VR and it create better habits because the viewpoint is so much more realistic and you get a better idea how the circuit is in regarding of kerb heights, track elevations, distance to corner, looking at apex etc. When I do wrong I instantly can see I tried to bend the law of physics where on the 2D I am not quite sure why that didn´t work out. Also having all bigger then a minature version like I used to on my small 35" monitor helps also plus being able to easier tell where the front wheels are.

    I suspect I need at least some triple projector setup to beat this. But not sure if I want to be reminded of my bedroom. The transition to VR (once you got the software working which was hell) it was like there was no transition. It felt so natural to what you do IRL.

    I don´t find anything cumbersome like finding my wheel buttons or H-shifter is as easy as if I would see them in my peripheral vision. After a crash for sure yes I may loose a second or two extra finding the wheel center again.

    I don´t miss seeing my gear either in general they are replaced by much more expensive steering rims ;)
  18. jimortality


    After a week of just hotlapping, I did my first race against the AI. Unbelievable!! This is the future for sim racing.
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  19. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    I would like to see it myself before i buy. And that is a bit of a problem. I don't know if there is a full return - refund policy?
  20. i would say trying would be a smart move. Not easy because there aren't that many out thete. I totally understand why a few people have said they still prefer their own setups using flat screens.

    i saw a video of someone who bought it for fsx and were devastated because they couldn't read the dials. sim sickness issues and the low res are serious limitations. But it is amazing still as people have said. you must try it.

    ps for anyone with one dcs world and war thunder are both free and are great flying games to play in rift.