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Austria Feedback

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

  2. -Corrected geolocation & altitude numbers
    -Realroad and road textures & shaders
    -Skybox background
    -Tweaked clip planes
    -Fixed pit speed limit
    -Made gridlines and whitelines noclip
    -Loading screens, trackside logos and initial conversion by Kris Cobb

    Lots of visual stuff undone yet and some other things, AI paths etc.
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  3. Just did two laps to see how was the track...

    I have a lot of fps problems, track is really heavy, especially in turn 3 when fps drop to 45/50 even with low track detail
    I used to put high track detail and stay over 100 fps in every condition and every track
  4. No fps problems for me. The grass looks really ugly neon green tho.
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  5. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Visuals don't matter now, @John-Eric Saxén will fix those. We are just worried about collisions and bugs.
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  6. I have to massive FPS problems. It seems like the lower details of the track are not existing? I have normally low settings but here I still see massive amounts of trees, tribunes, people and so on. So the track is heavy for me....:(

    Is it possible to do a low level of detail version soon so everyone can test the track?
  7. It could be the trees as there are thousands of them. Is there any special place where FPS drop occurs? Otherwise this track is quite light, no reflections even yet.
  8. Just gonna put this here so others don't. JES already knows about it.
  9. I seem to remember someone talking about the racefactor version some time ago. Are there bugs with this version? I tried it the other day and it seemed alright but I can't remember if there was a reason why we couldn't use this?
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  10. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    I think this is better than Racerfactor version.
  11. Yes there 2 places where it is really bad. First one is at the second corner when you come uphill. There is a massive amount of trees. However I think it are the tribunes where many people are standing on...they also took a lot of fps in bahrain but with low track detrails it was ok. The second position is the 2nd last corner again a tribune and lot of trees...Last corner is on the edge for me...Maybe you can have a look at those places :)

    EIDT: I really like the tracklayout though. Quite accurate I think and didnt had any bugs yet but I wasn't able to drive that much due to lagg in the 2nd corner
  12. I have FPS problems too, can be feel everywhere around the track, but most disturbing is around T2 and T7.
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  13. I have zero fps issues, constant 120 which is my limit in settings. Done 12 timed laps.

    Seriously though who layered the surface on this track? Its like driving on a bouncy castle.
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  14. There is new Catalyst 15.5 beta out for AMD/ATI users. I tried it and feels like FPS is more consistant now.
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  15. In my opinion this track model is really bad. I'm used to the good old ISI A1 Ring model and I really think that we should use RaceFactor version, which is based on that model.

    The layout of the track, which is on the server now, is totally off, most of the corners are completely wrong, the model looks like it was done for some arcade game with mind set on just giving the impression of it being redbull ring. And the surface is terrible.
    Look at this and drive one lap on the version which is on the server now. It's barely the same track.

    I beg you to use RaceFactor version. Please. I was really looking forward to finally race Austria again, but if we use the current model, I don't really see any point in testing.
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  16. Lol I hope you are kidding. The racefactor layout is built in 2001 for ISI F1 2001 game, it's the most inaccurate layout I've ever seen with ruler drawn huge uphills and downhills, everything is completely wrong about it. Plus it is has unfixable bugs apparently http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/fsr-2015-calendar.101004/page-5#post-1989051.
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  17. JES, I beg to reduce the objects around. Many trees and buildings which could be removed. Not all of them, ofcourse.
  18. The track version is the WCP one which is based on GRID 2 and we aSked permission to convert it. I doubt this can be worse than the stoneage rF1 version racefactor uses.
  19. About bugs I can't say anything, but... The track that is build for F1 2001 is more accurate than the version we use, the model is really nicely driveable and enjoyable, it resembles the experience that you get from watching real onboards. The driving line is really nice. Our current version is just wrong. T1 exit is too open, T2 apex and turn out is totally off, the elevation, the geometry, everything; the descent into T3 is unreal, T3 exit is wrong, T4 entry is just totally different corner than in real track, elevation makes it invisible etc.

    The straight T4-T5 is way to short, T6 and T7 are kinda ok, just the surface is weavy; T8 is unreal again, way too open exit and weird kerbs.

    With the old ISI track it was much more real and driveable.

    I say this all with probably 10000 and more laps done on the old ISI track in the past 10 years and with watching hours and hours of onboard in the past. Oh and I went to the race last year, I was there, I saw it live.
  20. I will remove trees from medium and low detail levels, but I can't work on these tracks 24/7. Shadows off etc should help a bit in the meantime. I will make notes about bugs and try to fix these after tomorrow's test.