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Assetto Corsa Corvette C7 announcement

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by BanjoMaster, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. ??? What do you mean ??? Official AC announcement, Racedepartment announcement or your own announcement? ;)
  2. AC announcement, god i wish they would just not bother with FaceBook, you get all the mongs just asking for daft stuff.
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  3. GMT is CET-1 :)
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  4. Yeah sorry, official AC announcement on Facebook. Was in too much of a hurry! :D

    I look forward to 300 comments looking for multiplayer yesterday, official Porsche license, and a whole host of stuff that we've already got or are getting. FB really is a magnet for eedeeots...
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  5. Personally I'm hoping the announcement centres on a word beginning with A, ending in I, and having a U and a D in it... :ninja:
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  6. An official GT3 licence or Enduro Series would give me a raging you-know-what. :laugh:
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  7. Cool. Excited!

  8. You forgot a letter, it begins with an A, ends on an O, and have U, D and I in it...;)
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  9. Hmmm. :)
  10. AC forum is down, guesses? :D
  11. No it's working
  12. Teh forums work fine for me.
  13. Now it's working... ;)
  14. I'm thinking this could be a track or tracks.
    Spa anyone?
  15. Where did they say this?
  16. Spa has already been announced.
  17. My bet is on new future content because I see no reason why change every 15 day friday update at this point.
    My dream is an oficial license like blankpain, LMS or FIA GT3. However a Porsche or any other brand license or a new track is very welcome.
  18. Stelios


    RUF license. :D

    Edit: By the way, got to love those facebook comments. LOL

    Some of my favorites :
    Better be the rally pack
    I hope they announce F1 license
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