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Apps (ACTI) Assetto Corsa Telemetry Interface

(acti) ac telemetry interface (motec output)

  1. KLGreene submitted a new resource:

    (ACTI) Assetto Corsa Telemetry Interface - (acti) ac telemetry interface (motec output): v1.0.0

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  2. I could not make it work, the message ...
    someone could help me ...
    ERROR: Dataflow synchronization has timed out.
    >>> Connection terminated.
  3. Did you install the in-game app? See the set-up guide PDF. Is the in-game app able to connect?
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  4. I am not able to get this working either - This is my dream app I was so excited when I saw you post it.
    The error I'm getting with ACTi is ERROR: Could not connect. UDP receive code = 10054 when opening the .exe (either one). AC is not running at this time, but I was in there and enabled the apps with auto trigger from before.

    I finally got the other one working though!!! I love it!
  5. The .exe and the in-game app work together (in fact, the in-game app launches and triggers the .exe). Essentially the in-game app provides the data and the .exe does all the processing. Obviously AC needs to be running though ;) If it's not, the .exe will give the error you described.
  6. That's good to know. It did take me a long time to figure out, about 2 hours yesterday and another hour while I was at work today, Even though your instructions were precise, and it didn't seem to be an overly complicated process, I was cretinous as to *why* these things needed to be done. Oh, and cuz beer... =P

    I can't wait to get home and fill my HDD w telemetry - I could frame this data structure it's so beautiful.

    My only feedback I guess (because even now I'm still a bit unsure; prepared for trial and error), is maybe the inclusion of the reasoning in your SOP. At the time of download (and giddiness), I was humbly following it step by step, but not knowing the function of the app per se, or their matrix of coexistence, or how they elucidate my complete lack of skill from Corsa into eye-candy.

    OR: it's just a consequence of my inability to surround content with context...
  7. Haha ok, fair enough. Cheers ;)
  8. Do you use your own app? I'd love to trade some telemetry cards with the cool kids! I'd rather race your time than dodge your bumper (I'm only generalizing my online experience thus-far)
  9. Of course. The way development works for these sort of things is that you make it in large part because you want to use it yourself lol. And sure, actually I think telemetry sharing can be just as useful (if not more so) as set-up sharing. At the end of the day though, decent racing against decent opponents wheel-to-wheel is what it's ultimately all about ;)
  10. Agreed - Where are they all?? I want to be able to race the same guys week after week like a league; everything is from May and not updated, no one's answering the door. I guess I hide from them as well; still can't get out of Novice with the Abarthe. Very humbling when you can't make it to the first checkpoint in TA 95% of the time =)
  11. Hey, thanks for the great app!

    I do have a question though: can i see the position (place) of other players on the client app, and can i see them on the racetrack map? What i am basically asking is, if one person is racing, and another looking just at this app, can they see what place the racing person is on?
  12. No, at the moment ACTI deals only with a single car (i.e. the remote player's car). I was thinking at one point to bring in timing / positional data for the other cars on track as well but at the time I decided that there are other apps out there that already do something like that so I didn't implement this feature. Maybe at some point in the future I'll come back to it...
  13. hey man, we did everything in the tutorial, worked 1 time and 2 times on somebody else now it doesnt work anymore.
    It just sais this

    >>> Stint recording started...
    >>> Stint recording finished.

    But it doesnt export to motec anymore, so no log files are created anymore. Can we fix this?
  14. Does it say that it started the external Motec converter? If not, then you probably are not driving a full lap around the track. You have to cross the start/finish line at least once in order for the current stint to be recognized. Otherwise you have to use the "Force Splice" function. Also, make sure that the ascii_to_motec.exe program (located under /bin/) is not being blocked by AntiVirus etc.
  15. Haha yeah i think that was it, thabks man, i did more laps last night and it loged all of then, that was it. Awesome software. Thanks for that
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    @KLGreene can you please upload all the files instead of txt file?
  17. @KLGreene At first thanks a lot for this great tool, it works great! ;)
    But is there any guide for setting up the live telemetry, so that it is possible to send the data immediately to an other pc system?
  18. See the set-up guide that's part of the acti package. Basically all you have to do is specify the other PC's IP address in the trigger control settings and start acti.exe on that PC. Connection should happen automatically after that.
  19. Thank you, miss that point in the guide yesterday :sleep:
    But set up everything now, activate the ports on both PCs and specify the IPs in the trigger control and the remote control.
    Ingame the tiny light is illuminated green when I klick on "connect" but my friend at the other PC gets an UPN Error and can't receive the data.
    Maybe check this today again, must be a problem with the ports, I think.