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Suzuka - Helicopter Cams 1.0

Helicopter cameras + pit_lane.ai for Suzuka v1.1 (by R.Malagoli)

  1. Phoenix77
    Nissan Skyline R34 (using A4 cameras)

    MX5 Cup (using A3 cameras)

    Formula 1 (using F1 cameras)

    Also added a pit_lane.ai... You can now have a race weekend :)
    I haven't changed the AI fast_lane so the original camera IN/OUT points will still be in sync, in case these HeliCams don't work for you.

    5 different cameras sets. All the same apart from camera movement speed (As at the moment the camera movement speed is not linked to car speed)
    For now this is the best way I can think of doing this.

    1 set for A3 Category cars (Some A2 cars may work)
    1 set for A4 Category cars
    1 set for A5 Category cars
    1 set for A6 Category cars (HyperCars/GT3 cars)
    1 set for F1

    Replacement CAR TAGS with A1 - A15 categories

    Due to limitations with camera splines not being linked to car speed, These are only setup to work effectively with A3-A6 category & F1 cars. And when you're driving a quickish clean lap. Select the relevant camera set, for the category of car you're driving. If you can keep up with and overtake the AI at 90% or higher... These cams should work fine for you :)


    Extract to a temp directory... Copy the suzuka_circuit folder into your assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.

    No files will be overwritten.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ricky78
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks for the pit lane AI, I was looking for it!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      No worries Ricky, had to be done... Cheers for the rating mate :)