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LA Canyons 0.3

42km circuit in the San Gabriel mountains, above Los Angeles

  1. Phoenix77
    A new day breaks in the Canyons :)
    Screenshot thanks to @stingray_SIX_TWO
    This is an early build of LA Canyons...
    A 42km (26 miles) circuit winding through the San Gabriel mountain range, high above Los Angeles.
    A superb video of the canyons in VR from "The Extra Mile", a great video mate... up to a certain point :D

    Download the awesome Mustang here.
    These roads are among the roads used in "The Smoking Tire" videos on Youtube. Consisting of a large number of constant radius corners, most of which are fast sweepers... Perfect for plenty of 100mph+ drifts. Near the end of the clockwise loop is a series of left/rights which, if you make it this far... are almost like a slalom.
    Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_countach_angeles_forest_21-4-117-4-6-39.jpg Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_countach_angeles_forest_21-4-117-4-9-10.jpg Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_countach_angeles_forest_21-4-117-4-13-34.jpg Screenshot_aston_martin_one_angeles_forest_5-4-117-6-56-40.jpg
    Here's an overview of the circuit...
    I recommend turning off fuel consumption as the AI may run out of fuel comically.. I need to do something so they know how much fuel to take.

    This is suitable only for Online Multiplayer, Quick Race and Practice sessions... Not Race Weekends.

    To do list

    Add road signs..
    Add Barriers..
    Add a HR FFB road mesh..
    Add foliage.. (A lot of foliage)
    Sort out some issue with the vertex normals..
    Cap mesh holes... when I find them in 100km² of terrain!
    Improve textures..
    Add road edge transition textures...
    Add reverse version
    Better track cameras
    Add Pitlane
    and anything else I've failed to remember...
    Extract archive to a temp directory...
    Copy the la_canyons folder into your assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.
    Although not necessary...
    If you would like to say thanks by
    buying me a coffee

    Thank You :)
    *** You're not permitted to upload these files anywhere else ***

    Instead, share a link to this page. I appreciate any shares on Facebook/Youtube but want to keep downloads / feedback on Race Department. Thanks to those that respect
    Thanks for the ratings / reviews I appreciate everyone taking the time to do so :)

    If you like LA Canyons you might also like Pacific Coast.
    A 23km section of the Pacific Coast Highway...
    Winding it's way along the Californian Coast,
    with views over the Pacific Ocean​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Smashmouth
    Version: 0.3
    I haven't even installed this track and I've donated a buck
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks Smash :) appreciate the support
      Hope you have loads of fun with both of my tracks :)
  2. FeyFox
    Version: 0.3
    Perfect!! Now I can finally be Matt Farah!! xD
    Can't wait for this to get updated!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Cheers :)
      You can now drive faster than Matt ;)
      He doesn't cross the double yellows... (on his videos anyway)
      Hope you get some fun laps in... Thanks for the rating :)
  3. Jens Nixdorf
    Jens Nixdorf
    Version: 0.3
    High-Speed driving in a spectacular scenery. Fantastatic high-quality track. Don't put in too much barries ;)
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot mate :) Really glad you're liking the scenery and are getting some high speed driving around here... It will be a while before I get to update this track... But by the time I do... I will have learnt a few new tricks no doubt :)
      Not only with Max, but with Photoshop...
      I will try to only put the barriers in on the worst corners...
      but I might also try to put them in where IRL they exist.
      Roadsigns, chevrons in particular will be a great help when they go in :)
  4. Foresight
    Version: 0.3
    huge track ! i was thinking "it's endless" ;)
    sorry but it feel a little empty for me ... i know this a canyon, but i expect some details
    anyway, thanks you for your effort, i'm looking forward to the upcoming improvements.
    the lack louise track has got a new challenger !
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      No worries, Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      All I can really say is... Rome wasn't built in a day... Hence why this is only a 0.3...
      If I waited before I met everyones expectations before releasing this.. Anyone who is currently having fun around here, wouldn't be!
      And there would be a month or two wait for me to place over 100km² of objects. Which plenty of people with.. ahem... Foresight... can appreciate is ALOT of work (Sorry mate I couldn't resist that lol)
  5. barrelbreak
    Version: 0.3
    I was just thinking about selling my wheel this week, when I checked RD and decided to give this a shot first, cause why not?

    Fantastic! Sure, it's a little wider, and the road is in much better condition, than the real roads, but extremely enjoyable. I really enjoy driving inside the lines, added realism and challenge :D
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      That's awesome to know that my track helped you decide not to sell your wheel :) That's a real compliment... Thanks!

      When I add some displacement to the road surface... The road won't be in quite such good condition... It will still be smooth... but with some more FFB information :)

      And the edges of where the shoulders meet the terrain will more than likely get a trim, with added transition texture
      (when I work out how to do this smoothly) I was trying out an Alpha Blend with transparent mask but was getting too much Z-fighting.

      I really like it that you're keeping it inside the white lines :)
      Although the shoulders are counted as valid track...
      I consider it an invalid lap if I don't have at least 1 wheel inside the white lines :) Bonus points to you for that!

      Thanks for the great review!
  6. digital1nk
    Version: 0.3
    Man this is perfect even for an early version!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate, really glad you're finding it perfect already... There's plenty more to go in here yet :) Hope you get some cool laps in. Thanks for the rating :)
  7. McClusky
    Version: 0.3
    I admit that I have not taken a full lap as I get too aggressive and launch my car off into never never-land but I love the flow of the road and the angles or 'banking' of the turns, great fun!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate, despite the length of the track... I think it's reasonably easy to learn, I'm sure you will make it round soon. After you've had enough of flying into never never land lol
      Try the trackmap, maybe stick a few AI on and follow them round... or if that doesn't work get a slow lap in the bank in hotlap mode and start knocking time off using the ghost car as a guide :) You'll soon get fast ;)

      Glad you're loving the flow, and the main thing is the fun factor :) Thanks for taking time to review
  8. Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright
    Version: 0.3
    Even at this early stage it's very impressive and fun to drive. Top work!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks Brandon :) Hope you're getting some fast times in, the main thing is you're finding the layout fun... Thanks for the review mate
  9. R-power
    Version: 0.3
    simply fantastic. let me know if i can help you to test something
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot mate :) Really glad you're loving the track. Thanks for the offer of testing... I'll bear that in mind cheers :) Hope you're learning the track well, it does have a few corners to remember!
  10. Kapitän KarachoHD
    Kapitän KarachoHD
    Version: 0.3
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Cool you're liking it, Thanks for the rating :)
  11. Ben O'Bro
    Ben O'Bro
    Version: 0.3
    Amazing work! Took my little seven for a tour, cruising, then attacking more the corners, the map helps... even without any props it's a brilliant drive! So thank you for this. I'll buy you coffee! Congrats and keep up to good work, the final version will be mind blowing :)
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks Ben, really glad you're testing your seven around here.. I bet that it's great fun around here :) Can't wait to try it out when you're happy enough to release it. Thanks for the coffee, very kind of you mate... I will be like a caffeine fueled, bush planting ninja lol
  12. Joel SHuler
    Joel SHuler
    Version: 0.3
    Great start. It is really fun drive. If I can make a few suggestions.
    1. Right now it is incredibly smooth and consistent surface. Adding some variety to the track surface would add to the immersion quality.
    2. track width. It is incredibly wide. The canyon road is effectively 6 lanes wide. each lane is wide enough for 2 cars plus you have the runoff. If your intention is to make this a race track version of a road that is fine. But if you want it to feel like a real road (and simulate more realistic speeds) then it needs to be narrower.
    3. Let us drive both ways like SP237 or the Tazo.

    That being said I had a great time and will look forward to future versions. With a few more tweaks I will be donating you a beer for sure.
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks, great points... some are in my to do list ;)
      Will be adding a very subtle displacement to the road mesh.

      I have to politely disagree about the road width...
      I am making this wider after drivers were flying off Pacific Coast... repeatedly lol
      So if this a bit wider for playabilities sake... I'm not too worried.
      When you see the bushes flying past... your sense of speed will go up massively, the sense of scale will go up too.

      I will be possibly sort the shoulders, when I figure out a decent way to blend the road - terrain textures. So it will possibly shrink width wise a ft or more then.
      I will also probably make the shoulder valid_track=0
      so you have to keep at least 1 wheel inside the white lines.

      Thanks for the rating and the constructive review :)
  13. JusTiCe-8
    Version: 0.3
    You should really stop making tracks like that ! You'll turn AC into TDU, it just need more modding power... :D

    Seriously, this one is AM-MAZ-ING, like ( Black Cat County + Higjlands ) * 100, minus the scenery.

    The only bad stuff is the starting position, there is a nice flat spot on the right side less than 5 kms ahead which make a good parking lot/pit. At least with your track, we're not lost trying to find where to go to reach the actual track :D.

    Great job so far, I'll looking forward to the updates.
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      lol That's a funny review... Like it mate :)

      Really glad you're finding it amazing, that's great to hear...
      BCC * 100 that's cool... And there's LOADS of stuff yet to go in :)

      I know exactly what you mean about the pits... but... there are reasons why I put the starting position where I did...

      1) I wanted the cool switchback section right at the start...
      If I moved the startline where you say... everyone would
      have to wait 35 - 40km's to reach that section.
      2) It's where a number of "The Smoking Tire" videos start so
      to me that makes more sense.
      3) If I put it where you suggested there could be some serious
      high speed incidents where people are leaving their
      "pit box" on a very very fast straight.

      Maybe I'll look into something else at a later date.

      Thanks a lot for the detailed review mate, appreciate the feedback, hope you get some cool laps in :)
    Version: 0.3
    Great stuff Mate.... as always. Can't wait for the updates. Donated a Fiver for a pint. I'll put together some vids tonight!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot mate, that's very kind of you :)
      I will probably invest in some coffee instead of beer... I will need caffeine to put the few 100,000 (a rough guess) bushes in lol
      I look forward to seeing some videos... Post a link to them in the support section... Be very cool to see! Hope you learn the layout quickly and get some really fast laps in :)
  15. Trauman
    Version: 0.3
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the stars mate :) Have some great laps.
  16. Topuz
    Version: 0.3
    An amazing start! I really wish you to endure and make it as complete as possible, since it has an enormous potential to become a best road track for AC.
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Cheers mate :)
      There will be a lot more to come, road signs and some barriers will be high up the priority list... Have fun with it until then mate :)
  17. Cerbero
    Version: 0.3
    That's the missing track!!! Nice work mate...keep it up!! I wait further updates...
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate, glad you're liking it so far... Plenty more improvements to come... Hope you're getting some cool laps in :)
  18. dannyman84
    Version: 0.3
    A True Dance with nature and machine. The immersion is incredible. The visuals take you on a trip. Please keep this going. Super original and immersive. Currently dancing with the MP4 at 8am light fog. Stunning work!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks Danny, that's a great review... As I think you're the 1st person to pick up on my design intent... to make this a challenge of driver against the landscape as well as the road. Keep dancing in your MP4 mate :)
  19. scolman21
    Version: 0.3
    Such a stunning track ! wow awesome views of mountains. I came around a curve in my r8 the tunnel surprised me the sounds was just glorious ! thanks man 5 stars aint enough
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate. I'm really glad you're liking the terrain... and the tunnel... It's a shame the real road didn't have more tunnels.
      Have fun in your Audi, it's a great sounding car!
  20. André 57
    André 57
    Version: 0.3
    That track is amazing, feels good and fast. Big thanks can wait for futur updates it is really fun so far. Nice job keep at it. I would have give more stars if possible. Cheers
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot André, glad you're finding it good and fast :)
      I was surprised just how fast it actually was when I 1st tested the layout. Thanks for the review mate :) Plenty more improvements to come!