YouTube Channels- do you have one? Why? What do you hope to achieve with it.

Alex Harkett

Surely loads of us have a channel now. Or certainly follow many people who do.

My question is if you have a channel, why did you set it up in the first place and what is your aim for it?

I set up a channel purely as a part time hobby, and as a sort of memory bank so I could record some of my good races and track/car combos that’s I enjoy and have them stored somewhere where everyone can enjoy them. I’m not aiming to make money from it (just as well given my low view and subs count:roflmao:) but I like having it there and quite enjoy the video directing process.

I think I need to find a way to make mine more enjoyable but that’s for me to worry about.

what about everyone else?

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Once upon a time... 7 years ago now (or was it 8). I kinda wanted to do some first impression-videos, small "reviews" etc. Wasn't aiming to get big from doing it. Even though it was fun when I got over 10k views on one of my videos.
I had a second motive though. I wasn't comfortable with speaking English anymore. Back in 2005 I had a massive accident when cycling to school and got a broken skull and brain hemorrhage as a result. The bleed was located at the part of the brain that controls the ability to speak. When I woke up at the hospital all I could say was "aaaa" and "nnnn". The freaky part was, I was thinking the words. I also could "feel" me saying them. This is kinda hard to explain as you don't know what I mean unless you've been there. But I was thinking the words, and I could feel I was doing the exact same thing as always, I could kinda feel it in my throat (so to speak) that I was saying the words. However it was still just "aaa" and "nnn" that came out of my mouth.
While the bleeding stopped, and my brain healed as much as it possibly could. I will forever have scarring that disturbs that part of the brain, and have some reduced fine motorics on my right side, and reduced short-term memory.

Aaanyway. Having to play a game, while at the same time speaking about the game, how it felt and speaking in a foreign language (English) is something I felt was a good way to practice speaking English again, maybe get somewhat better. It was really frustrating as I spoke a bit to my US and Canadian family when I was 6 years old, and there I sat, just over 20 and feeling like I had to start over again. Anyway, it worked out fairly well.

Then I got more to do at work, did some more stuff for RD and I always felt weird sitting at home talking to nothing and no-one while making the videos. In addition I hate hearing my own voice. So it was all done live. It gives a better and more true first impression reaction, but it also meant I needed to do quite a bit of research beforehand as it was no editing made.

So I stopped. The videos are still up on my channel and some of them still gets 30-50 views a month for some weird reason.

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