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Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bradley Vanian, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Bradley Vanian

    Bradley Vanian

    I've been thinking about the F1 Calender today after the half-confirmation that there will be an Austrian GP race next season and this is my proposed calender:

    1) South African GP - Kyalami
    2) Australian GP - Melbourne
    3) Malaysian GP - Kuala Lumpar
    4) Chinese GP - Shanghai
    5) Spanish GP - Catalunya
    6) Monaco GP - Monte Carlo
    7) Canadian GP - Montreal
    8) British GP - Silverstone
    9) French GP - Magny Cours
    10) German GP - Hockenheim/Nurburg
    11) Belgian GP - Spa
    12) Italian GP - Monza
    13) Swedish GP - ? / Austrian GP - Red Bull Ring
    14) Russian GP - Sochi/Moscow
    15) Singapore GP - Marina Bay
    16) Japanese GP - Suzuka
    17) Abu Dhabi GP - Yas Marina
    18) Mexican GP - Hermanos Rodriguez
    19) American GP - Austin
    20) Brazilian GP - Interlagos

    The main points of my proposal:

    - Race in South Africa. This will greatly improve the fanbase of F1 with a race in a new continent.
    - Remove Bahrain, India, Korea. These races aren't doing much for F1, especially Bahrain and Korea.
    - Remove Hungary. This isn't because I don't think the Hungarian GP is bad however I think something new needs to be added into Europe and with all other European GP's currently being too 'good' to remove, this was the one.
    - Addition of French GP. There are multiple French Drivers in F1 currently as France is one of the major countries in the world. Makes sense to have a French GP.
    - Addition of Swedish/Austrian. I don't know how to explain this but I feel there needs to be a GP in Scandinavia. However, with the proposed Austrian GP I have included that. Possibly an alternation idea.
    - Alternation of tracks for Russian GP. As Russia is such a large country, an alternation of 2 circuits will allow for an increase of the fan base. I also think both Sochi and Moscow Raceway are good tracks.
    - Added Mexican GP (sort of replacing the New Jersey idea). There are 2 Mexican Drivers currently with more in lower tiers and there needs to be more GP's in the Americas in my opinion.

    What are your ideas for a future calender? (I'm using a maximum of 20 tracks)
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  2. the_sigman


    I pretty much agree with you. I would only replace Singapore with India (I like this track!)
  3. Ho3n3r


    - Melbourne
    - Monza
    - Suzuka
    - Spa-Francorchamps
    - Interlagos
    - Montreal
    - Nurburgring, previous layout. The newest section adds absolutely nothing, except distance.

    Nice ones that really should be there:
    - Istanbul
    - Imola
    - A1 Ring
    - Kyalami, yes I know it won't happen, but for local reasons. Still a superb track.
    - Singapore
    - Sepang
    - Estoril
    - Brands Hatch
    - Silverstone, but the previous layout.
    - Hockenheim, previous layout
    - Magny Cours
  4. Ho3n3r



    All of us F1 fans here are hoping for this to happen. However, there are many reasons why this won't happen, some of the main ones being:
    - Exchange rate: with R10 for $1, this means that us locals will never be able to afford the ridiculous prices to just buy tickets, never mind the usual inflation we get here at local events involving international teams for refreshments.
    - Lack of interest: The current government, and indeed most of its 'people'/voters have no interest in the sport whatsoever. The only reason they'd be interested in it, is to make a quick buck. Long-term financial prospects will not play a role in their thinking at all.
    - Justification: with an unemployment rate of 25.2%, the usual question will be asked - why is this money to host a GP not spent on job creation?

    So, in short, the few of us here who have been wishing for the return of a race here, have long made peace with the fact that we have seen the last of F1 here.

    The last time we had a race here (1993), we had a government with vastly different interests, especially financially, and also an exchange rate of about R3 for $1. This is a whole different country from back then.

    The local government also withdrew any financial support from Kyalami 3 or 4 years ago, leaving them to be 100% self-sustained, meaning that the circuit is probably degrading badly - I am guessing, because we don't see much, if any, local racing on TV here any more since the national broadcaster is state-owned.

    Sorry for the slight off-topic, just an insight of the unrealistic but very fair expectation of a GP at Kyalami.
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  5. Bradley Vanian

    Bradley Vanian

    Well my calender was supposed to be realistic and not just 'pick the best tracks' so your post there was rather helpful for me :)
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  6. Ho3n3r



    Glad I could help :D If I win the Euro Millions when it gets to like 50 billion, I'll make sure I resurrect the situation :p