Yorkhill Childrens Hospital Charity Race on iRacing, Sunday 15th September.

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  1. Sam McAleer

    Sam McAleer

    Since I was born my health hasn't be very good (I wont go into detail), Although I hated it... (just generally being in hospital) I spent a lot of time in Yorkhill Hospital and they have made me much better off today with all they have done for me.

    As I am now classed as an "adult" I will no longer be attending Yorkhill and I wanted to give back just a little bit... on what they have done for me with raising as much money as I can through an iRacing charity race.

    I was hoping to get a full grid of 60 but are currently in low 20s which is a shame considering its for a great charity and there is great prizes up for grabs:
    - 1st Place (Winner): One Derek Speare Designs Track Boss Button Box Thanks to Derek Speare Designs(http://www.http://notworking.url/)
    - 2nd Place: Choice of $40 iRacing Credits or One Hour Free Broadcast on the Global Sim Racing Channel.
    - 3rd Place: $30 iRacing Credits.
    - Randomly Selected driver from race: $15 iRacing Credits.

    To sign up for the Yorkhill Charity Race just go to this link http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3211833.page and read how to do it, Its quite simple, Only iRacing members can access that link so if you would like to donate without racing go tohttp://www.justgiving.com/YHCI click the blue donate button and just follow it through, You can use PayPal to donate which makes it much easier.

    The race is going to be LIVE at http://twitch.tv/GSRC on Sunday, September 15th 2013 @ 9:00PM UK, 1:00PM PST, 4:00PM ET, If you have iRacing please go to the link and sign up, I'm trying my very best to get a full grid, If you don't have iRacing then please watch the live race.