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PC1 XBox Disussion, pCARS Features, News, and Leagues

Console users have much to look forward to this Spring, but the most anticipated racing game on any console, is the SIM racer, Project Cars. Although it's great to read about the game through the play of PC testers and opinion makers, console users have special considerations to think about, both good and bad, but mostly good, it seems.

For instance:
1. Will the telemetry be portable, like many incorporated mods/apps will allow PC users to do?
2. Will the game reach both 60 fps and 1080p on the Xbox One?
3. What sets this game apart from other self-described "SIM" racers such as Forza?
4, How will this game differ from Shift2, the last SMS title for the 360?
5. Will there be any features in the game itself that are available to PC users, but not Xbox One users?

Many many other general questions abound, and I will try to provide as much information as I can regarding the game, with a specific eye toward the Xbox One user.

Also, discussion and announcement of Project Cars leagues on the Xbox One may be announced here, or discussed. I hope to put together an IndyCar Series that takes advantage of all the game has to offer and remains as faithful to the IndyCar Series itself as possible, even down to following and racing with them on their race weekends and setting the weather to the exact weather at the race using pCARS GPS and satellite technology in conjunction with customized weather progression.

Xbox One users...or those who might get an Xbox One, please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas here about Project Cars and its future here at Race Department. Thanks!

Inside Project CARS Seta Tire Model

POSTED: October 16, 2014
Racing, whether it happens in the real or the virtual world, is all about tires. That’s why Project CARS is powered by the revolutionary Seta Tire Model (STM) that plays a key role in making the WMD-powered title the most authentic virtual racing experience.

But what exactly does the Seta Tire Model do? Slightly Mad Studios’ physics expert Andrew Weber takes us for a look deep under the hood of the tire technology that drives Project CARS!

Seta Tire Model Described
Seta Tire Model (STM) is a full dynamic tire simulation. Actually, it is three coupled simulations, one for the tire carcass, one for the tire tread and contact patch, and one for heat transfer simulation. It is also modular, where different carcass and tread simulation techniques can be used interchangeably. For example, off road racing may use a different tread simulation.

Carcass Simulation
The carcass simulation used in Project Cars is a finite element simulation with specific computational optimizations specific to real time tire simulation. The carcass is discretized into small connected “elements”, each one flexing and deforming due to forces.


  • Elastic behavior changes with speed, temperature, and pressure
  • Rolling resistance changes with speed, temperature and pressure
  • Sidewall buckling at low pressure
  • Bias Ply, Radial, or Hybrid construction
  • Gyroscopic Effects
  • Dynamic response such as vibration, telescoping, and twisting

Tread Simulation
The tread simulation used in Project Cars is a finite difference simulation of the contact patch, with the tire tread “flowing” through the contact patch. The whole tread itself is discretized into elements much like the carcass, but the contact patch itself is a finite difference grid.


  • Flash Heating, which is the change of temperature in the outermost rubber layer through the contact patch.
  • Componentized grip model. Each component is affected differently by road surface conditions, wetness, and temperature.
  • Deformation – the rubber deforming in and around asperities, resisting sliding motion.
  • Adhesion – the rubber bonding to surface rubber and material.
  • Tack – the sticky tacky grip you can feel on your shoes when walking a rubbered in track, related to adhesion.
  • Tearing – the ripping of rubber from the tire
  • Cut – grip from the geometry, edges, grooves, and siping of the tread, with particular effect in dirt and gravel
  • Tread channel depth and water handling.
  • Discretized and temperature sensitive wear
  • Curing
  • Temperature sensitive elastic properties
The carcass and tread simulations are coupled such that there is no roughness or “stepping”, while still preserving the detail of both simulations. The contact patch size, shape, and pressure distribution is determined by the carcass simulation and is used by the tread simulation. The forces on the tire from the road surface are simulated in the tread simulation and transferred as external forces to the carcass simulation.

Heat Transfer Simulation

The heat transfer simulation handles heat flow between brakes, wheel well, rim, carcass, and tread layers. The heat transfer amongst tread elements, from tread elements to the road surface, and from the tread elements to the air are handled directly by the tread simulation (including advection and evaporation). The pressure of the tire is maintained by the carcass simulation via the ideal gas law.

Emergent Effects

  • Most effects just “fall out” of STM without explicit coding for effect:
  • Fy, Fx, and Mz vs slip angle curves, complete with realistic nuances, such as Mz inversion
  • Inclination effects such as camber thrust
  • Complex and sometimes subtle changes in behavior due to load, heat, pressure, and speed.
  • Proper behavior at a standstill and very slow speeds, although due to limitations of consumer force feedback devices, oscillations may still occur. Many tire models break down at a standstill.
  • Flatspots
  • Hydroplaning
  • Changes in behavior due to surface differences, such as surface roughness, track rubbering in, wetness, and dirt.

For the past few years, Project CARS Handling Consultants Ben Collins & Nicolas Hamilton have provided detailed feedback reports in the World of Mass Development forums to help fine-tune the cars’ handling characteristics.

Now, just in time for Christmas, we have decided to share the real-drivers’ input with everyone by releasing a document that contains all their feedback reports from more than two years of development.

The document you can download below allows everyone to catch up on all the physics feedback reports from the two Handling Consultants as well as the subsequent replies from Slightly Mad Studios’ vehicle dynamic engineers.

The document starts in November 2012, a crucial month for the development of Project CARS’s physics model as implementation of Project CARS’ revolutionary SETA tire model was kicked off that month.

All the feedback is unfiltered & unedited as it was posted inside the WMD forums, giving you the chance to get some unique insight even if you don’t happen to be among the lucky having access to the World of Mass Development forums.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfq0zn7xrwd2cof/Project CARS - Handling Consultants Feedback.pdf?dl=0
Track List
44 and growing as of a couple of moths ago...DLC "confirmed" to add different types of series' including NASCAR and ovals, with full IndyCar license.
Cars, Tuning, and Menu Options
Tuning will be asymetrical and deeper than any console game previous. This video shows the menu showcase and car selection....
And for those of you who want a taste of what the "real" F1 sounded like and felt like, you can relive the glory years using the Formula A car in the game. Here is a little taste. Yorkie's site has a wealth of information and gameplay re: pCARS.
Every car will be available from the jump/ No leveling up. No earning money to buy them. There is a deep career mode and an even deeper online mode, with grids of up to 55 being confirmed at LeMans (Xbox?).

On the Xbox, the seat position will be adjustable, the car shake and look to apex will be slider adjustable, and helmet cam will be a new way to see races and, if you can master it, increase immersion.

With Quick Race Weekends, you can create your own single event with total control over its location, structure, number and type of sessions, atmospheric conditions, and length.

That means you can create anything from a short race on a sunny go-karting track to a full endurance event complete with qualifying and practice sessions that runs through the night and throws everything Mother Nature has against you. You can even perform warmup and formation laps, accelerate the time of day up to 240x speed, and choose exactly where you want to start on the grid.

When you enter your event, if you chose prior sessions to the race, you’ll start in the pit box with a number of options available to you… watch the timings screen to see your opponents qualifying or warming up, switch to the Monitor to watch them live (complete with overlay map and/or onboard telemetry), tweak your tuning setup, or create your pit strategy for the upcoming race. If you can do it in real life, you can do it here.

There will be a separate article about Online features, but yes, you can also create Quick Race Weekends for multiplayer events too :)
We think the options available are going to let you create some amazing events which is why you can save your favourites to the Driver Network. More on that too though at a later date ;-)


When is Project CARS released?
March 17th in the US and March 20th across Europe on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Wii U and Steam OS versions then follow in 2015. Pre-order it right here!
Can I pre-order the game?
Yes! Check out a full list of local and online retailers here!
When can I pre-order digitally?
Pre-purchase the Digital Edition of Project CARS on Steam right now! Digital pre-orders on other platforms will become available nearer release.
Will there be a demo or Steam Early Access?
We hope there may be some opportunities to get your hands on Project CARS in the lead up to release. We'll let you know as soon as possible.
Will there be further content for Project CARS?
More information on this will be released at a later date.
Will there be a disc version?
Yes! Project CARS will be available in both disc and digital formats.
What game is Project CARS like?
Project CARS is a racing simulation so is comparable with popular console franchises Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo whilst also providing the kind of advanced features usually reserved for PC-only simulators like iRacing and rFactor.
You guys made Shift 2 Unleashed - so is Project CARS' handling similar?
The physics, handling, force feedback, input lag, tire model, and all aspects of the handling model have been rewritten and improved, with a community of racing fans and race professionals supervising and testing them throughout. The overall result is something far more realistic and responsive.
Who is publishing Project CARS?
Project CARS is self-published by Slightly Mad Studios and distributed by Bandai Namco Games.
Can we upgrade the cars?
Since the game covers such a variety of motorsports, each with their own performance restrictions, all vehicles are non-upgradable and come pre-installed with the best parts possible.
Can you tune the cars?
Yes! Project CARS has a deep tuning system with full control over all aspects of the car's performance. Troubleshoot common problems by checking with the in-game Engineer, get useful hints on technical details via the Digital Manual, and visit the dedicated Test Track to see how your changes perform out on the tarmac.
Will the game run at 1080p 60fps on PS4/Xbox One?
This is the target! We'll have more info on exact specs in upcoming months.
What about the Wii U resolution?
Again, more info will be released in an upcoming featured article.
Why is this game not on Xbox 360 or PS3?
The power and features of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allow Proejct CARS to be realised true to our vision without compromise.
What engine does Project CARS use?
Project CARS runs on Slightly Mad Studios' proprietary MADNESS game engine that was built specifically for next-generation platforms and is scalable to a wide variety of modern PC specifications.
Does the game use the Xbox One's impulse triggers?
Yes! Great for feeling the rumble strips underneath your wheels ;-)
Does the game use the DUALSHOCK®4 controller in any cool way?
You'll hear your Pit Engineer talking directly to you through the integrated speaker :)
Interesting video from Yorkie showing how tire temps are tied to the type of track, the track temperature, and the time of day,


Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :)
Don't know yet, if I´m buying the Xone or the PC version. What might be the differences? (other than graphics)
I'd say the PC version will come with more options to customize you experience, but not necessarily features within the game, like tracks, cars, career, etc. You could probably have more online opponents in PC, since I've heard races of 60+ at Le Mans, but I'm not sure how that would affect lag. As long as you have a very high end PC, no doubt the PC version would bet the way to go. If not, it's probably a closer call. If you go to the PCARS testing section, the PC guys can shed more light, as I have played neither.
Here is a video that not only shows off the rain efect very nicely, but also how the "look to apex" feature has been left to your control (as far as a slider is there), so that you can set it to a much more reasonable position and be able to drive at the same time. My understanding is that you can also do this with cockpit view, but it's not as dramatic.


Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :)
I own too many sims in pc, so it could be fun to buy this to xbox.

Would be nice to know a few things though.

Can you get rid of the virtual wheel and arms in xbox version?
Is there going to be the same wheel/pedal settings in both versions?
I own too many sims in pc, so it could be fun to buy this to xbox.

Would be nice to know a few things though.

Can you get rid of the virtual wheel and arms in xbox version?
Is there going to be the same wheel/pedal settings in both versions?

Yea, good questions. But if I had to guess I'd say yes to Q1 and no to Q2. Although I'm sure the setting will be much deeper and more relevant than any other game. With the Thurstmaster TX, I think this game on an xbox is a good argument to go that route if you don't want a load of sims an lots of techie stuff to figure out.