WTCC Endurance



I'm used to running 100% race distance from playing F1. The standard race distance at WTCC/STCC is pretty low number of laps in comparison so I'm thinking about cranking it up to the max of 50 laps for a race against AI. Unless it is possible to go and change number of laps in a config file or the like, then I might do even more laps. But I wonder what will happen with WTCC rules of no forced pitstops. If I run Monza for example for 50 laps then one will definitely run out of fuel and one will be forced to pit. Will the AI do this? Or just fill it up and eventually run out of fuel and stop at the track? If AI does recognise the need for more fuel, will it also be smart enough to consider different tactics like two stops for lesser tire wear? Or start light to go for an early stop? Does anyone have any experience with such longer races?
Sep 4, 2008
A bit odd to have a race like that with WTCC cars. The real ones only ever do sprint races as far as I know.

I've never played very long endurance races.
When I tried a 30 min endurance race with 4x tyre wear and fuel usage I found that the AI would complete pitstops much quicker than me. Couldn't figure out why, until I saw someone mention that they don't change tyres. I don't know if the same problem happens with 1x tyre wear.

Apparently they sometimes have trouble with changeable weather when they need to change to wet/dry tyres. Not sure of the exact problem.

They will refuel, although there seem to be a few tracks where the fual usage isn't set up properly and they run out of fuel on the track. The problem also shows when you fill your car with, say 10 laps of fuel but it only lasts 7 laps.

So yea, prepare for some frustration :(


I setup a 50 laps race at Brno with no forced pitstop and variable weather but I only got to lap 15 and then crashed up due to extremly bad FPS. I just don't get why this is happening because I have a 512 MB graphics card and once before when this happened I tried to set graphical settings to low but it was still a huge problem. That and freezing on me about once every playing session.

Anyway, I qualified 11th with AI on 95% and and took the lead after 8 laps. I had pitstops scheduled for lap 12 and 29. I went for the pit at the same time as a BMW and he got off way before me so I think he was only refueling. I changed all tires and refuelled. I never saved the replay or watched it since I aim to try again to get away from the bad hardware performance.

Rob Every

May 31, 2008
I can't really see why you would want tto do an endurance race anywhere other than the Nordschliefe really or mayeb Le Mans?

I have often wondered about a huge LAN with 5o cars racing round the Green Death for 8 hours or something!!

But these cars arent designed to be enduro cars, so perhaps not.

Xosé Estrada

Aug 10, 2007
The SEAT Leon does the 24h of Montmelo, there are different touring car endurance championships around.