Would someone happen to know what could be causing these blue textures to appear?

PC Specs:
GeForce GTX 1050ti (4GB VRAM)
Driver Version (416.34)
Intel i7-7700HQ CPU 2.8GHz (No Over Clock)
16.00GB of RAM

I have:
Current version of shadders patch (1.24)
The Dream pack 1 DLC
Wet Track mod (1.7)
KUNOS VAO MEGAPACK (Over written by Shadders patch)
BLM Lights (1.7.4) and BLM Cars (1.3)
Real Billboards and Stuff 1.13
Assetto 4 Seasons 4.0.1
Assetto By Night CM and Legacy Editions
Good And Bad Weathers Suite 2.5.1

There are some screenshots of some textures being blue for some reason, and I dunno why it is doing this. It also happens on the Wet track version.

[Update]: There is something up with the "Lights" added to the track with BLM Lights by some madders, when ever the switch is on and lights are on the track, it seems to cause the texture to show. Simply turning that function off fixed it for me.


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