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Workstation Compatible Sim Cockpits?

I'm in the process of upgrading my sim rig. I have an Obutto r3volution that I really like for the most part, I use it both for racing and as my 'desk' for normal gaming and general workstation stuff. I am wanting to go to a direct drive wheel and question its sturdiness with that much torque.

Has anybody made a simlab's cockpit into something that is comfortable enough to be used as a workstation that did not cost a lot to do? All it really needs is an adjustable seat and a large keyboard/mouse tray that moves around. Relatively simple but knowing me if I got a new cockpit without exact plans on how to do it I would just jerry-rig something and never do it properly/be happy with it.

Hiro Abe

I designed and built my 8020 rig so i can use it both for sim racing and my general computer workstation (i work from home on occasion). My seat is on rails so i can move it back and forth (for general computing and racing respectively). I made a moveable keyboard tray and a stationary mouse platform. That's the beauty of 8020. It is easy to customize it to your needs. It really is lego for adults. My rig is very comfortable in both configurations and certainly stiff enough for high end pedals and a dd wheel.