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F1 2019 Wishing a transfer tool to put F2 2018 drivers to F1 teams

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)

Gaara CewoFan

I wish there will be a tool called 'Transferify' only to make F2 2018 drivers into F1 teams for Career mode (for an example Arjun Maini in Racing Point, Louis Deletraz in Red Bull, Maximillian Günther in Williams etc.) And also ot to forget that the tool will put randomized numbers for that (Example: Maini is using 9, Deletraz is using 49 and Günther is using 92.)
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Well there are driver transfers in this game + character models of the F2 drivers, so if you look somewhere in the files you should be able to trigger one of htose driver transfer events just with an f2 driver. I was looking for something like this aswell, but im not a F12019 modder