Winter Brands Hatch

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Jul 15, 2014
deem submitted a new resource:

Winter Brands Hatch - WIP Brands Hatch Winter

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First attempt at modding - WIP. I actually created this for personal use but thought i'd put it out there in case anyone else was looking for an update or change of scenery to Brands Hatch. All new assets made from scratch. Install using JSGME or Content Manager.

Colour corrected to be used with GBW, with Dynamic Thunder weather.

For best results use with A.Fracasso wet mod, Peter Boese Good Bad weather suite and x4fab dynamic lights shaders patch....
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Jul 17, 2011
Great mod, but is there a way to have standard and winter and to switch between them? (Perhaps with content manager)
yes you can make a skin folder in cm drop the winter stuff in there give it a name and your good to go now you have standard and winter.
go to content and tracks lookup brands and create a skin folder with the name winter drop all stuff in there.
Now before you load the track select the skin from the dropdown menu