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Nov 3, 2012

I just have one maybe stuppid question.
Is it possible to make the Black "Banner" transparent like the normal WIndow? I know now that isnt a Banner but i dont know how it calls and my english isnt that good
I tried a lot with CM... extracted files and made some Transparent...but you know...its like hacking a bank for me...

So is it possible, and if, is it easy?
Like i sayed, i tryed a lot "nonsense" and i dont know what to do. I tried to download Photoshop trial, but Adobe seems to have problem, so i dont get a key for the Trial, just to try things out.

Steps if done was to convert the Kn5 do FBX and then i thought i open the file in PS...but mhhh yeahhh...i know somebody smile right now...

Please somebody help me, or better could do the job (if it is a 5 minute thing for a modder/skiner) for me and maybe other guys that like to have a larger view.
But i really would be very thankfull if someone could tell me step by step what to do, if it isnt to hard.

And btw, why i downloaded Sol when i dont see anything from the beatyfull Sky?!?


PS: I know its unrealistic, and second i just would like to have it for the interior...
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GT Omega Racing