Williams F2 car component 1.41 released

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  1. Ian Franssen

    Ian Franssen

    Williams JPH1B FIA F2 v1.41 Released

    Official link(s):
    Will add mirrors as I get them, don't expect any tonight.
    getmod.php is hooked up for the individual components on this car already.

    My dropbox:

    Added 2 remaining drivers that participated in the Formula 2 2012 championship.

    Mathéo Tuscher driver talent file and veh names did not match (thus loading default driver talent properties).

    #14 Livery painting outlines removed.

    #15 missing number and logo added to livery.

    #27 added missing driver. With family wholesome livery.

    Front wing end-plates are now detachable, along with some minor damage tweaks.

    AI tweaks.

    Small Camera tweaks.

    Sounds have been tweaked, more specifically there are new more appropriate turbo dump sounds, and various tweaks to volumes and attenuations for certain samples. Also now using separate internal vs external attenuation for opponent vehicles (as made available from build 218+).

    Low downforce (Monza spec) configuration now available (as an upgrade), including taller 6th ratio.

    Front Ride Height now adjustable in 0.5mm increments.

    Tyre pressure adjustable ranges now more accurate, and also set on a per track basis (assuming it's referenced correctly).

    Accurate per track baseline setup.

    Redesigned tyres from scratch (does not mean the car will feel completely different).
    - Inclusive of build 146+ tyre wear and degradation.

    Minor engine power curve fix and slight reduction in engine braking.

    Aerodynamic tweaks to maintain a more accurate balance when using settings in between minimum and maximum values. Also slight increase to drag when running super low ride heights.


    Minor LOD distance tweaks.

    Updated to latest spec shaders.

    Updated to use latest rF2 driver model.​
  2. Axel Moebius

    Axel Moebius

    Yes.:)My favorite car is back.