Will they make it before march or will it delay few months atleast?


May 5, 2014
Most of the games that has been developed to new gen consoles/ pc has failed to release when release date was. For example bloodborne, but that doesn't really matter, because I know it will be awsome game, but knowing codemasters and their skill level to "make" game each year. Even thought it's "new" engine, what do you think? Will the game be ready before Australian GP?

+ What do you think what kind of game it would be? Like has they actually done something "right" to make it actually good racing driver feel epic adventure all around world and fight for WDC?

My quess would be follow:

(It comes few months late, it will be the same engine with cosmic modifactions to look like "new", people buy it and everybody are happy with it and praise the feeling of driving, how realistic it feels (pad users))
Not really agree all but it's just feel like that (still little bitter of f1 2014)


Feb 17, 2013
Do you want to know my opinion?
I do not trust Codemasters no more. They will release their game in July with a new stunning graphic and the same shitty gameplay, with no extras, an boring career mode and the classic style of youtubers gamer: open the game, start new race with no FP or Q at all, 3 laps and donkey-AI.
That's my opinion.

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
I am very curious about the first previews of how the graphics will look. They have to really step up as the competition (mainly on consoles) have done amazing work in that department (PCars, DriveClub etc).

If they fail to make a stunning first impression I think it will be over and out for Codemasters as they have lost too much credit with their loyal fans after a four year re-hash of the same game (F1 2010) but with less features and physics.

Their faith is in their own hands. If they want to survive as a company, knowing they have this expensive F1 license on board, they must deliver a top class product on time.

Interesting year it's going to be for sure.